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Printing is effected with a hot melt type ink comprised of coloring material and a vehicle therefor and having a resistivity within the range of about 10.sup.6 to about 10.sup.11 ohm-centimeters and a viscosity in a range with an upper limit of about 50 centipoises when in a liquid phase. To that en ...

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A selectively illuminated pushbutton switch incorporates a light source of extremely small size and low cost, and which is self-contained with durable, parallel extending elongated leads. Such leads not only facilitate the in-line mounting of the light source within the pushbutton, relative to the s ...

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An ink jet printer utilizing a smooth surfaced transfer drum is shown as an illustrative embodiment of the invention. The transfer drum and the print head assembly are mounted between a pair of side plates (only one of which is shown in the drawing). A print head assembly, which comprises a number o ...

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In a laser recording system, a high energy intensity laser beam is focused to form a circular write-spot on a rotating thermoplastic disc. This spot creates tracks of grooves and flat areas or lands in accordance with input data. To read the data from the disc a reduced energy beam is focused on the ...

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An ink jet printer in which refined half-tones or shades of gray are produced while retaining high contrast capability using a dot matrix in which the dots are of the same density for the same shading plus or minus one drop of ink at selected dot locations within the matrix but with each dot being p ...

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A protective one-piece cover, particularly adapted for use with housings for printer apparatus and the like, is preferably molded out of a plastic material, and incorporates a non-glaring transparent viewing window, specified and optional 'frosted', translucent surface areas for both diffusing ambie ...

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A desk top keyboard display terminal includes a keyboard which may be latched to the front of the terminal or articulated over the edge of a desk to a level convenient for a typist.

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An ink having a resistivity in the range of 10.sup.6 to 10.sup.11 ohm-centimeters and a viscosity in a range with an upper limit of about 50 centipoises synchronously is formed into a uniform succession of ink drops in response to an alternating current. A stream of the ink drops is electrostaticall ...

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A D.C. to D.C. converter including a start circuit having a choke with a primary winding and a start winding. A portion of the input power is fed through a section of the start winding to the base of a switching transistor connected in series with the primary winding. The transistor is operated as a ...

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A nozzle structure in a crystallographically oriented, monocrystalline silicon includes a pyramidal opening anisotropically etched from the entrance side of the nozzle and truncated in a membrane having a smaller cross-section than the initial cross-section of the entrance opening. The membrane has ...