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A method and device partition physical transmission resources of a physical network. At first, a set of logical networks is established on top of the physical network. The logical networks comprise nodes and logical links extending between the nodes so as to form the logical networks. The logical li ...

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Mobile stations using antenna diversity are described. Techniques for combining CDMA signals received over plural antennas at a mobile unit are provided which suppress interference from undesired base stations.

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The present invention relates to methods and devices for such control and supervision of an oscillator signal from a controllable oscillator that is done mainly to control the frequency variation of the oscillator signal. According to the invention, the controllable oscillator is controlled by a con ...

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A communications system in which information is transmitted in successive time slots grouped into a plurality of superframes which are, in turn, grouped into a plurality of hyperframes. A remote station is assigned to one of the time slots in each of the superframes for paging the remote station, ea ...

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An apparatus and method for providing Single Sign-On services to a user when accessing a selected Service Provider from a plurality of Service Providers. An Authentication Provider authenticates the user at with a user-identity, provides the user with a token as proof of the authentication, and assi ...

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A termination network in an integrated circuit, and a control circuit for controlling the impedance of the termination network is described. The termination network comprises transistors for matching the impedance of the termination network with the characteristic impedance of a transmission line, w ...

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A mobile radio terminal includes a display for outputting at least one menu. The menu includes at least one branch for processing telephone calls. Each of the branches includes at least one option for choosing a corresponding action to be performed by the radio terminal, the corresponding actions in ...

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In a mobile telecommunications switching network, mobile stations may be used in static applications such as a telemetry application. The telecommunications switching network can reduce and/or eliminate subscriber numbers allocated to mobile stations that are used in static applications by taking ad ...