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An interactive multimedia audio/video communications system uses a lower data rate, non-deterministic graphics/command network having a plurality of desktop viewing stations and a network server. A separate, higher data rate, deterministic audio/video network is coupled to the plurality of desktop v ...

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A hand-held inertial mouse provides input data to a computer from which the computer can determine the translational and angular displacement of the mouse. The mouse includes accelerometers for producing output signals of magnitudes proportional to the translational acceleration of the mouse in thre ...

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A phase change ink composition is indirectly applied to a substrate by raising the temperature of the phase change ink composition to form a liquid phase change ink composition, applying droplets of the phase change ink composition in a liquid phase to a liquid intermediate transfer surface on a sol ...

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Thin film multilayer technology is used to build microminiature electromechanical switches having low resistance metal-to-metal contacts and distinct on-off characteristics. The switches, which are electrothermally actuated, are fabricated on conventional hybrid circuit substrates using processes co ...

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A phase change ink carrier composition is combined with a compatible colorant to form a phase change ink composition of this invention. A thin film of substantially uniform thickness of that phase change ink carrier composition, and the ink produced therefrom, has a high degree of lightness and chro ...

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A method and the apparatus for employing the method are disclosed whereby an intermediate transfer surface of a layer of sacrificial liquid is applied to a supporting surface and a phase change ink is deposited on the liquid layer. The inked image is then contact transferred to a final receiving sub ...

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A phase change ink composition is disclosed wherein the ink composition utilizes polymeric dyes in combination with a selected phase change ink carrier composition.

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An object-oriented, distributed data base system separates into a plurality of virtual partitions following communication failure between sites accessing the data base. Each partition accesses a separate copy of an initial data base and independently updates groups of data objects included in the da ...

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Time warping for video viewing is achieved by providing a random access dynamic buffer for a video signal from a selected video channel. The video signal is continuously written into the dynamic buffer in a recirculating fashion, and may be read out on a random access basis so that the viewer may co ...