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A percutaneous lead device including an element for preventing bacterial infection caused by implanting the lead through the skin. This element extends below and along the skin surface and includes an antibacterial fluid reservoir coated with a diffusion-controlling layer which maintains the desired ...

Hill J Donald, Robinson Thomas C: Surgical tool and method of providing a surgical opening. Tecna Corporation, December 4, 1973: US3776237 (107 worldwide citation)

A surgical tool especially for providing a circular opening in a wall such as that of a blood vessel has an outer, circular-cylindrical casing having a longitudinal axis and having a circular knife edge at one end. A plunger is axially movable within the casing by a rod extending transversely throug ...

Kitrilakis Sotiris: Intrauterine device and process of making the same. Tecna Corporation, Lothrop & West, February 25, 1975: US3867933 (104 worldwide citation)

An intrauterine device has a pair of initially flat, registering, triangle-shaped sheets of soft, rubber-like, substantially liquid-impervious, non-toxic flexible material of about the same dimensions as the undistorted human uterine cavity. The sheets are reinforced by a mat of flexible or pliable, ...

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A steady-flow regenerative peritoneal dialysis system and method making use of permanent percutaneous tubes extending into the abdominal cavity and means for circulating a dialysate through the abdominal cavity and reconstituting the dialysate.

Kitrilakis Sotiris: Surface or lining compatible with blood or other tissue. Tecna Corporation, October 24, 1972: US3700380 (64 worldwide citation)

A surface or lining containing microcavities for anchoring pseudointimal growth within blood handling prostheses such as vascular grafts, heart assist pumps, artificial hearts, extracorporeal devices, and the like to form a thin, stable autologous lining. The surface is also compatible with other li ...

Kitrilakis Sotiris: Device for treating infants having breathing difficulties. Tecna Corporation, Lothrop & West, January 22, 1974: US3786809 (30 worldwide citation)

A device for treating infants having breathing difficulty has a rigid, externally grooved ring to one side of which is attached a clear, flexible, plastic envelope adapted to contain the infant's head and provided with a connection for a flexible hose leading breathing gas under pressure from a suit ...

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A portable power-driven respirator controls measured amounts of air (and, if desired, admix gases, such as oxygen) to a patient during inhalation events and from the patient during exhalation events. The events are controlled pneumatically and electrically as to time and rate of occurrence, duration ...

Robinson Thomas C: Vas prosthesis for reversible sterilization. Tecna Corporation, October 24, 1972: US3699957 (21 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic device for reversibly blocking semen flow through the vas deferens including a cannula for sealed coupling with severed portions of the vas and a reversible valve associated with the cannula having a closed position for blocking fluid flow and an open position for permitting fluid flow. ...

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A blood pump including a pumping chamber provided with in-flow and out-flow valves substantially aligned with the axis of the pumping chamber. The valves are especially designed to eliminate protrusions which may act as sites of possible thrombus formation, to minimize turbulence and areas of stasis ...

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An oxygenator primarily for human blood has a stator with a cavity partly defined by a first substantially flat wall and a peripheral wall and has a rotor with a second substantially flat wall facing the first wall. On their facing sides both walls have supports highly permeable to gas. Both support ...