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A stapler device includes a manually grippable handle containing a drive and a trigger to activate the drive mechanism, a barrel fixed to the handle, a guide for holding a staple to be ejected and formed to accommodate a suture thread fixed to the staple, and an ejector driven by the drive through t ...

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There is disclosed a method for depositing a diamond or diamond-like carbon film on at least one substrate employing a hydrocarbon gas and at least one gas which preferentially removes by chemical sputtering other forms of carbon, especially graphite from said film to thereby obtain useful carbon fi ...

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The invention relates to an apparatus for an efficient photodynamic therapy treatment. The apparatus comprises the following parts: (a) a lamp possessing a narrow beam light with half angle divergence up to 10.degree., possessing an intensity of at least 2 mW/nm with a spectral region in the range o ...

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A complementary logic circuit contains a first logic input, a second logic input, a first dedicated logic terminal, a second dedicated logic terminal, a first logic block, and a second logic block. The first logic block consists of a network of p-type transistors for implementing a predetermined log ...

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A method and reagent means for the determination of small quantities of chemical compounds in man, animal and plants by a specific binding assay technique.

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Kerogen and other combustible matter can be extracted from an area of oil shale or tarsand by drilling boreholes in a selected pattern through the overlying soil and rock without removing it. Each borehole mouth is tightly closed by a cover provided with an air inlet pipe and a gas exhaust pipe. In ...

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A method of producing a microtube is provided. The method comprising co- electrospinning two polymeric solutions through co-axial capillaries to thereby produce the microtube, wherein a first polymeric solution of the two polymeric solutions is for forming a shell of the microtube and a second polym ...

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Articles of manufacturing (such as tobacco products), methods, devices and compositions for preventing or reducing tobacco-associated damage and/or disorders associated with oxidative stress in a subject, and which utilize a TSPO receptor ligand (such as diazepam), are disclosed.

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A piezoelectric device is disclosed, which includes a first element of porous crystalline material, a second element being attached to, or integrally formed with, the first element, and at least one electrode being in electrical contact with the first element, such that subjecting the first element ...

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An inductive device comprising a magnetic core and windings for producing two or three substantially orthogonal magnetic fields at all points within the core. The device may be utilized as an inductor or transformer in a variety of applications.