Edward M Scheidt, Ersin Domanque, Roger Butler, Wai Tsang: Access system utilizing multiple factor identification and authentication. Tec Sec, IP Strategies, February 13, 2007: US07178025 (111 worldwide citation)

A method of authenticating a user to use a system includes using a provider token to generate a random value. The token generates a derived key based at least in part on a token-provided salt value and a user-provided password. The provider generates a token unlock key based at least in part on the ...

Edward M Scheidt, C Jay Wack: Cryptographic key split combiner. Tec Sec, IP Strategies, April 26, 2005: US06885747 (11 worldwide citation)

A cryptographic key split combiner, which includes a number of key split generators for generating cryptographic key splits and a key split randomizer for randomizing the cryptographic key splits to produce a cryptographic key, and a process for forming cryptographic keys. Each of the key split gene ...

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