Erik T Engelson: Catheter for guide-wire tracking. Target Therapeutics, Ciotti & Murashige Irell & Manella, April 26, 1988: US04739768 (389 worldwide citation)

A catheter for use with a guide wire which can be guided from an external body access site to an internal tissue, and into the tissue along a tortuous path of at least about 5 cm through vessels of less than about 3 mm lumen inner diameter. The catheter includes a relatively stiff proximal segment d ...

Erik T Engelson, Gene Samson: Mechanical clot encasing and removal wire. Target Therapeutics, Morrison & Foerster, May 23, 2000: US06066158 (379 worldwide citation)

This is a surgical device usually delivered through an intravascular catheter. It is designed to pierce and remove emboli often found in tortuous vasculature. The device includes several sections. The device has a core element. Placed around the distal end of the core wire is a collapsible but self ...

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This is a medical device. In particular, it is a surgical device usually delivered through an intravascular catheter. It may be used in several ways. It may, for instance, be used to open a clear passageway adjacent thrombus to allow both blood and medication to bypass the clot. It may be used to pi ...

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A pusher-vasoocclusive coil assembly that is advanced through a catheter to a site within a vessel and is manipulated to detach the coil from the assembly. The coil has an affixed, proximally-extending wire that carries a ball on its proximal end and the pusher has an affixed, distally-extending wir ...

Thomas J Palermo: Super elastic alloy guidewire. Target Therapeutics, Morrison & Foerster, October 31, 2000: US06139510 (324 worldwide citation)

This invention is a surgical device. It is a guidewire for use in a catheter and is used for accessing a targeted site in a lumen system of a patient's body. The guidewire may be of a high elasticity metal alloy, preferably a Ni-Ti alloy, having specified physical parameters, and is especially usefu ...

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This invention is an implantable vaso-occlusive device. It is typically a vaso-occlusive coil comprised of a primary helically wound coil which is then wound into a secondary shape. Central to the invention is the use of a stretch-resisting member fixedly attached within at least a portion of the pr ...

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A device for occluding a blood vessel comprising a helical metal coil having at least one fibrous element attached to its proximal end wherein the fibrous element(s) extends in a sinusoidal wave configuration, the loops of which extend about individual windings at spaced intervals along the axis of ...

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This invention is in the field of vasoocclusion devices. More particularly, it relates to a vasoocclusion coil which may be segmented, onto which a fibrous, woven or braided, tubular covering or element is attached.

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This is a device for bridging the necks of wide-necked or narrow-necked aneurysms in the vasculature. It is a device which may be used by itself to bridge the neck of an aneurysm or used to stabilize the presence of other vaso-occlusive devices such as helically wound coils in that aneurysm. The inc ...

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A catheter guide wire designed for use in guiding a catheter to a target site along a tortuous vessel path. The guide wire has a relatively long, torqueable proximal wire section, a more flexible intermediate section, and a most flexible distal end section designed to be advanced across sharp-bend v ...