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The present invention relates to a self-leveling aqueous composition comprising 100 parts by weight of a base material which is a mixture of cement and natural type-II anhydrous gypsum which are mixed in a weight ratio from 40/60 to 80/20, 0.1 to 3 parts by weight of an acrylic dispersant or a dispe ...

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A cement dispersion agent contains a water-soluble vinyl copolymer which is obtainable by copymerization of at least three kinds of monomers shown by Formulas A, B and C given below at copolymerization ratio of 10-50/3-25/80-40 respectively by weight: wherein R, R, R and R are H or CH; R is an alkyl ...

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New 2 phenylbenzotriazole derivatives of the general formula: in which R and R are same or different and each represents a halogen atom, a hydroxy group, an alkyl group with 1-8 carbon atoms or an alkoxy group with 1-18 carbon atoms, A is a phenylene group, a halogen substituted phenylene group or a ...

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Block copolymers comprising a liquid rubber component substituted by at least one polyester grouping, and functional derivatives thereof are advantageous additives for synthetic resins. A method for the production of the said copolymers comprises reacting a liquid rubber having one or more reactive ...


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Lubricating agents for use in the production of carbon yarns comprise at least one amino polysiloxane of formula (I) (where X represents an alkylene group with 3 to 5 carbon atoms, Y represents an alkylene group with 2 to 6 carbon atoms or a phenylene group, R1 and R3 each represent a hydrogen atom, ...

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Cement dispersion agents composed of water-soluble vinyl copolymers obtained by aqueous solution radical polymerization of four or five specified kinds of monomers at a ratio within a specified range can provide improved fluidity to high-strength hardened concrete and mortar with extremely low water ...

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Coating agents to be applied onto base materials such as thermoplastic resin films to provide improved surface characteristics include an aqueous emulsion of polysiloxane-polyvinyl graft copolymer essentially of specified kinds of siloxane units.


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Cement dispersion agents containing a graft copolymer composed of four kinds of constituent unit each having a specified structure can provide improved fluidity to cementing compositions, prevent slump loss after the kneading process and reduce the drying shrinkage of hardened concrete produced at t ...