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The invention provides chemically modified lymphokines having R &lparstr& O-CH2CH2 &rparstr& n wherein R is a protective group for the terminal oxygen and n is an optional positive integer, bonded directly to at least one primary amino group of the lymphokine moiety, and a method of producing the sa ...



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The present invention relates to an intravascular embolizing agent containing an angiogenesis-inhibiting substance and an intravascular embolizing substance. The agent strengthens the antitumor effect of an angiogenesis-inhibiting substance and serves to reduce the dose and undesirable side effects. ...

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alpha -Unsaturated amines of the formula: wherein X and X are such that one is an electron-attracting group with the other being a hydrogen atom or an electron-attracting group; R is a group attached through a nitrogen atom; R is a hydrogen atom or a group attached through a carbon, nitrogen or oxyg ...

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Novel antibodies useful because of having the binding specificity for beta -amyloid or derivatives thereof with beta -amyloid acting as an immunogen, or monoclonal antibodies which recognize the N-terminus, C-terminus and central portion, respectively, of beta -amyloid. The combination of these anti ...

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Thiazolidinedione derivatives of the formula: or pharmacologically acceptable salts thereof are novel compounds, which exhibit in mammals blood sugar- and lipid-lowering activity, and are of value as a therapeutic agent for diabetes and therapeutic agent for hyperlipemia.

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Disclosed are (1) a Xenopus laevis bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), (2) a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP, (3) a transformant bearing a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP and (4) a method for preparing the Xenopus laevis BMP which comprises cul ...


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Benzimidazole derivatives of the formula (I): wherein the ring A is a benzene ring which may optionally contain substitution in addition to the R' group; R is hydrogen or an optionally substituted hydrocarbon residue; R is a group capable of forming an anion or a group convertible thereinto; X is a ...