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A plate is provided with clearance holes and fastening screws. Each screw is provided in the region of its head with a clamping part subdivided into tongues by means of slots and provided with an internal opening bounded by a conical surface. To each screw belongs an expander having a conical outer ...

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A bone plate for stabilizing the anterior column of the spine has a lower curved surface and an upper surface having two intersecting planes in each of which is a screw hole, the axes of the holes being skewed relative to one another. A bone screw used to secure the plate, has a single start buttres ...

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A spinal screw or hook has a slotted head to receive a support rod. A two-piece rod retainer is provided with an outer ring-like collar locked into the interior of the slotted head and a fastener extending through the collar to contact a support rod in the bottom of the slot.

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The suture anchor comprises a first main body (11) of a generally cylindrical shape having a front portion (1), a rear portion (2), a longitudinal axis (3), a curved surface (4) with protrusions (5), a central through-going bore (19) extending from said front portion (1) to said rear portion (2), an ...

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The invention relates to a device used to connect a longitudinal support to a pedicle screw by an accommodating head having a channel to accommodate the longitudinal support, wherein it is possible to freely choose from or mix laterally open, top open or closed accommodating heads. A top open accomm ...

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An osteosynthetic fixation device consists of a fixation element 1 which has a conical head section 11 and an anchoring element 12 abutting it which is for attachment into the bone. The fixation device also consists of a spherically formed, layered, slotted clamping piece 2 which has a conical boreh ...

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An allogenic intervertebral implant for fusing vertebrae is disclosed. The implant is a piece of allogenic bone conforming in size and shape with a portion of an end plate of a vertebra. The implant has a wedge-shaped profile to restore disc height and the natural curvature of the spine. The top and ...

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An absorbable bone screw and plate system with self-locking properties. The absorbable bone screw comprises a threaded shaft portion 1 for insertion into bone and a head portion 3 for rigid connection in the screw hole 13 of a bone plate 20, the diameter of said head portion 3 increasing in the dire ...

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A distractor for separating adjacent elements, such as vertebrae. The distractor preferably has a scissors-type distracting mechanism, either in a simple scissors or double-acting scissors configuration. Additionally, one or more of the blades, distracting mechanism, and handles are offset with resp ...

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A variable angle spinal fixation system is disclosed. The system includes a longitudinal member positionable along a spinal column, a fastener having a threaded end for engaging a vertebra, and a connector member for connecting the fastener and the longitudinal member. The connector member has a cha ...