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A process of manufacturing an electrostatically charged filtration medium is disclosed. A web made of nonconductive thermoplastic fibers is contacted on each side with a more conductive web to form a combined web. The combined web is charged with electrically charged particles from corona charging e ...

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A plasma sterilization process which employs hydrogen peroxide vapor as the precursor for the active species generated during the plasma generation cycle and employs a pre-treatment cycle prior to the plasma generation cycle.

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An antimicrobial medical glove consisting essentially of an outer elastomeric body in the shape of a hand and an inner coating containing an antimicrobial agent, said inner coating being capable of slowly releasing said antimicrobial agent in an amount and over a period of time sufficient to maintai ...

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A sterilization process wherein articles contacted with hydrogen peroxide and containing trace amounts of residual hydrogen peroxide are subjected to plasma treatment to generate an active species from the residual hydrogen peroxide which effects sterilization of the article and concurrently removes ...

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An antimicrobial composition containing hydrogen peroxide is disclosed. The composition is non-corrosive to surgical instruments and contains 4%-7% hydrogen peroxide, 0.1% to 0.3% of a chelating agent, 0.1% of a water soluble zinc compound, 0.1% to 0.3% of a sodium cocoyl sarcosinate or is fatty aci ...

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A cassette containing a group of sealed cells is used as a means for delivering doses of fluid to be injected into a sterilizing chamber. After the cassette is automatically positioned over a piercing mechanism, the cassette is moved downwardly so that a cell is pierced. Fluid is then forced out of ...

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A nonreinforced microfiber fabric is disclosed. The fabric has minimum grab tensile strength to weight ratio greater than 0.8N per gram per square meter and a minimum Elmendorf tear strength to weight ratio greater than 0.04N per gram per square meter. The fibers in the fabric have an average length ...

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A lightweight, disposable face mask for covering the entire face of the wearer, which mask comprises a unitary shell of transparent plastic material having upper and lower portions joined at a ridge which traces the facial respiratory line. A band of flexible material is disposed along the ridge and ...

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A bilateral fenestrated drape folded in such a manner to eliminate the need for removable paper coverings over the fenestrations. The drape is fan folded in the longitudinal direction and then fan folded transversely to form two stacks of the folds with a bridging or central portion between the stac ...

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A surgical dressing or incise drape material comprising a substrate coated with an antimicrobial containing adhesive. The antimicrobial is polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride and is distributed in the adhesive as particles having a size of from 20 to 300 microns.