Higuchi Naoki, Saitoh Masayuki, Shibata Hiroshi: Proteinase inhibitor.. Suntory, October 24, 1990: EP0393457-A1 (170 worldwide citation)

A proteinase inhibitory compound represented by the following general formula (1): wherein R1 represents a straight-chain or branched acyl group having 2 to 10 carbon atoms, a branched-, cyclic- or polycyclic-alkyloxycarbonyl group having 4 to 15 carbon atoms, a substituted- or unsubstituted-benzylo ...

Kazuaki Furukawa, Kazuhiro Ohsuye: Method for animal cell culture. Suntory, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis L, November 2, 1999: US05976833 (129 worldwide citation)

The object of the present invention is to provide a method for improving productivity in the production of useful substances by animal cells. The present invention discloses a method for animal cell culture to produce a desired substance, comprising the steps of (1) culturing animal cells at a tempe ...

Yokochi Toshihiro, Nakahara Toro, Higashihara Takanori, Tanaka Satohiro, Yaguchi Toshiaki: Novel microorganisms capable of producing highly unsaturated fatty acids and process for producing highly unsaturated fatty acids by using the microorganisms. Agency Ind Science Techn, Nagase Seikagaku Kogyo, Suntory, February 11, 1998: EP0823475-A1 (92 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the Schizochytrium genus SR21 strain and a microorganism belonging to the same species as does said SR21 strain or having substantially the same fungological properties as does said SR21 strain, the said SR21 strain and microorganism having the ability to produce the ...

Tadatoshi Uchida: Fluid delivery system. Suntory, Nissho Corporation, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, August 29, 1995: US05445631 (73 worldwide citation)

A fluid delivery system including a vial having an opening for containing a dry medicament, a container having an opening for containing a solution, upper and lower, pierceable plugs for hermetically sealing the openings of the vial and the container, respectively, a capsule having upper and lower e ...

Hajime Yoshizumi, Nobuya Matsumoto, Osamu Fukuda, Osamu Fukushi: Process for producing alcohol by fermentation without cooking. Suntory, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, April 30, 1985: US04514496 (65 worldwide citation)

Alcohol is produced in a noncooking system by mixing a ground starchy material with mashing liquor at the range that the weight ratio of mashing liquor to ground starchy material is from 1.8 to 3.4 to form a slurry, without cooking, adding to the slurry at least 3.5 units as a saccharifying power of ...

Kiso Yoshinobu, Hayashi Yasuhiro, Higuchi Naoki, Saitoh Masayuki, Hashimoto Masaki: Prophylactic and therapeutic agent for bone diseases comprising di- or tripeptide derivative as active ingredient.. Suntory, September 23, 1992: EP0504938-A2 (63 worldwide citation)

Use of a compound represented by the following general formula (I): wherein R represents a straight or branched acyl group having 2 to 10 carbon atoms, a branched cyclic or bridged cyclic alkyloxycarbonyl group having 4 to 15 carbon atoms, a substituted or unsubstituted benzyloxycarbonyl group, a 2, ...

Toshihiko Ashikari, Norihisa Nakamura, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Yuji Shibano, Hajime Yoshizumi: Glucoamylase gene of rhizopus oryzae. Suntory, Cushman Darby & Cushman, September 5, 1989: US04863864 (62 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the Rhizopus derived glucoamylase gene, a novel recombinant vector comprising said gene, and a microorganism transformed by said vector, as well as a process for reproducing Rhizopus glucoamylase by cultivating the transformed microorganism, especially yeast, in a li ...

Takashi Fujita, Yuko Goto, Kenji Nishikawa: Transparent liquid container bottle with tinted label and base cup. Suntory, Bachman & LaPointe, April 21, 1987: US04658974 (59 worldwide citation)

A transparent liquid container bottle features a label with a tinted backside which imparts a tinted appearance to the contained liquid. The bottle has a cylindrical body, a hemispherical top and a base cup. The base cup may be tinted to match the backside of the label. The label covers only part of ...

Hiroshi Naruse, Masashi Takesada, Osamu Hayaishi, Yasuyoshi Watanabe: Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of infantile autism. Suntory, Cushman Darby & Cushman, October 18, 1988: US04778794 (53 worldwide citation)

A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of infantile autism which contains tetrahydrobiopterin or a derivative thereof as a major effective ingredient and 5-hydroxytryptophan and/or L-DOPA as an optional auxiliary effective ingredient is provided.

Hajime Yoshizumi, Nobuya Matsumoto, Osamu Fukushi: Preparation of alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Suntory, Flynn & Frishauf, May 30, 1978: US04092434 (52 worldwide citation)

Alcohol or an alcoholic beverage is produced by a process wherein a mash of cereal grains and liquefying enzymes is cooked at a temperature of from 75.degree. C to 85.degree. C which is lower than the temperature of maximum viscosity for the mash and which is higher than the sterilization temperatur ...

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