Hexiang Zhu, Karl Pearson: Multi-heater method for growing high quality diamond. SUNSET PEAK INTERNATIONAL, Kang S Lim, January 1, 2019: US10166518

Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for growing a diamond. The apparatus for growing a diamond comprises: a reaction cell that is configured to grow the diamond therein; a main heater including a main heating surface that is arranged along a first inner surface of the reaction cell; and a su ...

Le Roux Olivier: Assembly device for modulable trellis. Sunset Creation, July 17, 1998: FR2758350-A1

The device for the assembly of components of a trellis has an L-shape, the upper end of which is threaded (8). The lower part (11) has two tapped holes (13,10) emerging underneath it. A trellis has at least two assembly devices, two cross members (2,2') and a frame. The lower cross member (2) is abu ...

Derrick Bergman, James Harwood: Method and system for locating a lost person or lost personal property. Sunset Advertising Enterprises, Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn PLLC, December 9, 2003: USRE038343

The present invention defines a method and system for identifying and locating a lost person or lost personal property. The invention makes use of a subscription service wherein individuals desiring the locating service may pre-register the individual or property. At registration, the subscribing in ...

Guibert Raul: Systeme de rechauffage a air chaud pulse, Pulsating hot-air heat-up system. Sunset, SMART & BIGGAR, December 21, 1982: CA1137845

Abstract A system for reheating a product having low thermalconductivity, for example a refrigerated previously cooked meal,is disclosed. A chamber receives the product and an air flowloop is connected through a heater, blower, input side of thechamber and output side of the chamber. A feedback loop ...

Cameron Douglas, Cameron Lorraine: Malaxeur pneumatique de circulation deau, Air driven water circulation mill. Sunset Solar Systems, BATTISON WILLIAMS DUPUIS, December 8, 1992: CA1311315

- 12- AIR DRIVEN WATER CIRCULATION MILL ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A flotation platform supports a mast assembly through which a drive shaft extends having a wind driven turbine on the upper end and a propeller on t he lower end situated below the water surface. The propeller is rotated by the wind ...


Virgil Paunescu, Erika Iuliana Suciu, Calin Adrian Tatu, Tudor Ionel Opera: Isolation and purification of human insulin producing cells for the treatment of insulin dependent diabetes. Sunset Molecular Discovery, Virgil Paunescu, Erika Iuliana Suciu, Calin Adrian Tatu, Tudor Ionel Opera, WARD Calvin B, July 13, 2006: WO/2006/073692

A method for producing an ex vivo population of human insulin-producing cells that produce insulin in response to glucose from a patient is disclosed. The population of insulin producing cells is derived from human epithelial cells by causing those epithelial cells to differentiate into insulin prod ...

Zhang Jiyi 300 Sunset Drive 356 Ardmore Ok 73401, Wang Zengyu 3524 Tara Drive Ardmore Ok 73401: Increased wax production in plants. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Zhang Jiyi 300 Sunset Drive 356 Ardmore Ok 73401, Wang Zengyu 3524 Tara Drive Ardmore Ok 73401, HANSON Robert E, April 27, 2006: WO/2006/044839

The invention provides genes that activate wax biosynthesis in plants. Also provided are constructs comprising these sequences, plants transformed therewith and methods of use thereof. The invention allows the modification of plants for increased wax production, particularly in leaves. The inventors ...