Sun Sey Ping, Brown David E: Semiconductor device based on si-ge with high stress liner for enhanced channel carrier mobility. Advanced Micro Devices, Sun Sey Ping, Brown David E, DRAKE Paul S, November 24, 2005: WO/2005/112127 (5 worldwide citation)

The carrier mobility in transistor channel regions of Si-Ge devices is increased by employing a stressed liner. Embodiments include applying a high compressive or tensile stressed film overlying relaxed source/drain regions. Other embodiments include applying a high compressively (90) or high tensil ...

Pan James N, Sun Sey Ping, Waite Andrew M: Strain enhanced semiconductor devices and methods for their fabrication. Advanced Micro Devices, Pan James N, Sun Sey Ping, Waite Andrew M, DRAKE Paul S, October 23, 2008: WO/2008/127643

A strain enhanced semiconductor device 30 and methods for its fabrication are provided. One method comprises embedding a strain inducing semiconductor material 102, 106 in the source 103, 107 and drain 105, 109 regions of the device to induce a strain in the device channel 70, 72. Thin metal suicide ...

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