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Provided are an apparatus and a method which can accelerate crystallization of a biological macromolecule such as protein. A plurality of solution storage parts are formed on a silicon substrate whose valence electrons are controlled by controlling the concentration and/or the type of impurity. Thes ...

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A method which can control crystallization of a biopolymer such as protein is provided. A silicon crystal (15) whose valence electrons are controlled to be capable of controlling the concentration of holes or electrons of the surface part in response to the environment of a buffer solution (14) cont ...

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An oil well pipe joint comprising a metal-to-metal sealing portion without thread is disclosed. A metal-plated or resin-coated layer exhibiting improved resistance to galling is provided on the outer peripheral surface of a thread-free lip portion which constitutes part of the metal-to-metal sealing ...

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An FRP pipe having threaded ends at both ends, such as casing, tubing, and coupling, is disclosed, which is characterized in that metal plating is formed on the surface of at least one of the threaded ends.

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A surface-coated steel sheet having improved corrosion resistance and suitable for use as automobile inner and outer panels comprises a steel sheet having on at least one surface thereof a composite coating which comprises the following layers (a) to (d) from the bottom to the top of the coating:

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A semiconductor package and a semiconductor device comprises a metal bump to be placed between a metal pad formed on a package body of a substantially plate-like shape and an interconnecting solder for connecting a metal ball thereto, wherein the melting point of the metal bump is higher than that o ...

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A transparent conductive substrate comprising a base plate member allowing transmission therethrough of visible light, a transparent, overcoat layer formed on the base plate member, and a transparent conductive film which is formed on the overcoat layer, containing ultra-fine particles of indium-tin ...

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A threaded tube joint structure for casing, particularly oil well tubing, which is more perfect in the sealing performance than any other joint. This sealing performance is obtained with a first metal-to-metal contact seal between the outer surface of a lip of a male threaded member and a correspond ...

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A boring apparatus comprises a drill pipe for being placed underground, an outer tube insertable into the drill pipe, and an inner tube axially movably inserted in the outer tube. The inner tube is locked against relative movement with respect to the drill pipe while being allowed to rotate therewit ...

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A threaded joint for an oil well pipe having (1) a tapered threaded having roughly the shape of a buttress thread, (2) a pin having a male thread and a box having a female thread, (3) a seal and a torque shoulder, characterized in that