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A snow melting member for use on a power transmission line which can sufficiently melt snow even when the magnetic field created by the current in the power transmission line is relatively small. The snow melting member is composed of metals or metal oxides and has an annular, tubular or helical con ...

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A single crystal cubic boron nitride film is pepared by alternately supplying a raw material gas comprising boron atoms (TB2H6) and a raw material gas comprising nitrogen atoms (TNH3 in a vacuum chamber to form a cubic boron nitride film on a heated substrate and evacuating the vacuum chamber (Tvac1 ...

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An FET mixer circuit having a stable input impedance uses two tandem-connected GaAs MESFET's (1, 2) of pulse doped structure instead of a conventional MESFET or a HEMT, as an active device. A gate biasing point for the FET (1) is set around a pinch-off point of a mutual conductance, and a gate biasi ...

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A diamond-coated hard material having a diamond- or diamond-like carbon coated layer with a high bonding strength to a substrate is provided. The coated hard material comprising a diamond- and/or diamond-like carbon-coating layer formed on the surface of a hard material, i.e. substrate is characteri ...

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A white color or neutral color LED having an n-type ZnSe single crystal substrate doped with I, Cl, Br, Al, Ga or In as SA-emission centers and an epitaxial film structure including a ZnSe, ZnCdSe or ZnSeTe active layer and a pn-junction. The active layer emits blue or bluegreen light. The SA-emissi ...

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A single crystal diamond is produced by forming a less concentrated diamond region on a surface of a single crystal diamond substrate, epitaxially growing a single crystal diamond on the substrate by a vapor-phase growth method, and separating the epitaxially grown diamond from the diamond substrate ...

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A bio-photosensor used to examine the function of various organs of a human body or the like. It has a flexible printed circuit board (FPC) (1) formed with an electric circuit, a light emitter (2) and a light receptor (3) mounted on the FPC (1) and connected to an electric cable (15) through the ele ...

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A lithium-secondary-battery negative electrode having a protective layer to prevent the surface deterioration of the inorganic solid electrolytic layer. The negative electrode comprises metallic lithium or a lithium-containing metal, a first inorganic solid electrolytic layer (thickness: a) formed o ...

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A method of sintering ceramics and ceramics obtained by said method. The synthesis and sintering of ceramics is simultaneously carried out utilizing the reaction heat generated when at least one metallic element selected from groups III, IVa, Va and VIa groups of the Periodic Table is combined with ...

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An incubator (K1) for cell culture used in the field of biotechnology, in which a driving mechanism (5-8) for rotating a tray stock (3) for supporting a plurality of trays for cell culture is provided outside an incubator housing (1).