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A sustained-release preparation in the form of a needle-like or bar-like shape, which comprises an active ingredient and a pharmaceutically acceptable biodegradable carrier (e.g. proteins, polysaccharides and synthetic high molecular compounds, preferably collagen, atelocollagen, gelatin, and a mixt ...

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An organic electroluminescence device having a light emitting layer or a light emitting layer and a charge transport layer disposed between a pair of electrodes at least one of which is transparent or semi-transparent, the light emitting layer comprising a conjugated polymer having a repeating unit ...

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Penem compounds are of the formule: where R1 is H or hydroxyethyl, wherein the -OH may be protected R2 is H or a protective group, e.g. alkoxycarbonyl; R3 is H or a protective group, e.g. alkyl; X is methylene or alkyl-methylene or S; Y is amino (-NH2) which may be substituted by various groups whic ...

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A polymeric light emitting substance having a polystyrene reduced number-average molecular weight of from 10 to 10 which comprises in the main chain or side chain a metal complex structure showing light emission from the triplet excited state can form a light emitting layer by industrially simple ap ...

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A substituted carboxylic acid derivative which is fungicidally active is provided. The compound has the formula: wherein R1 stands for a methyl or ethyl group, A stands for R2 stands for a methyl, ethyl or trifluoromethyl group, R3 stands for a methyl group or a halogen or hydrogen atom, R4 stands f ...

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A resin composition comprising a resin (1) comprising 5 to 95% by weight of a polyphenylene oxide and 95 to 5% by weight of a polyamide and (2) 0.01 to 30 parts by weight of (A) a liquid diene polymer, (B) an epoxy compound or (C) a compound having in the molecule both (a) an ethylenic carbon-carbon ...

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An imidazolyl propanol compound of the formula wherein Ph is a phenyl group or a phenyl group substituted with halogen, and A is -S-R (wherein R is a C1-C15 alkyl group, a phenyl group, a phenyl group substituted with at least one of C1-C8 alkyl, C1-C8 alkoxy and halogen, a benzyl group or a pyridyl ...

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The use of an N-phenylcarbamate of the formula: as a fungicidal agent against phytopathogenic fungi, particularly those strains which are resistant to benzimidazole thiophanate fungicides and/or cyclic imide fungicides.

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A resin composition comprising 100 parts by weight of an aggregated inorganic layer compound and 200-10,000 parts by weight of a resin, the particle size of the aggregated inorganic layer compound satisfying the mathematical expressions (1): wherein L is the average particle diameter of the inorgani ...

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A compound of the formula: wherein R1 is a hydrogen atom, a C1-C5 alkyl group, a C3-C4 alkenyl group, a C3-C4 alkynyl group, a C1-C4 haloalkyl group, a C3-C4 haloalkenyl group, a C3-C4 haloalkynyl group, a C1-C2 alkoxy(C1-C2)alkyl group or a C1-C2-alkoxy(C1-C2)-alkoxy (C1-C2)alkyl group, R2 and R3 a ...