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The present embodiment provides for methods and systems for use in processing objects such as wafers, including polishing and/or grinding wafers. Some embodiments provide systems that include a front-end module and a processing module. The front end module couples with a storage device that stores o ...

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An optical endpoint system for a CMP system with a viewport located off-center on the platen, said view port being adjustable in height so that the window of the viewport can be made flush with the top of the polishing pad.

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Specific embodiments of the present invention are directed to a chemical mechanical planarization apparatus which comprises a platen assembly for holding an object to be planarized, and a polishing pad having a surface size at least as large as a surface size of the object, the polishing pad being m ...

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The present invention provides an improved planarization or polishing apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization and other types of polishing such as metal polishing and optical polishing. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus for polishing an object comprises a pad having a polishing surfac ...

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A method and apparatus for planarizing silicon wafers initially having wavy surfaces, such as might result from having been cut from a boule by means of a wire saw. A vacuum is applied to one side of a porous ceramic plate, and a perforated resilient pad is applied to the opposite side of the porous ...

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Apparatus for use in a semiconductor wafer polishing machine of a type in which the wafer is picked up and held by a suction cup effect between the wafer and a resilient diaphragm on the wafer carrier. The apparatus permits the presence or absence of a wafer on the carrier to be sensed so that this ...

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Technique including a method 400 and an apparatus 100 for chemical mechanical polishing using a plurality of carrier devices 123 rotatably coupled to a turret means. The apparatus 100 includes a turret and plurality of rotatable polishing surfaces 111 positioned around the turret. The apparatus also ...

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Embodiments of the present invention provide a chemical-mechanical planarization method for planarizing a wafer. The method comprises polishing a surface of the wafer to be planarized, and optically measuring feature heights of features on the surface of the wafer to obtain measurement data during s ...


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In a type of end effector used for handling wafers in the semiconductor industry, the wafer is acquired by lowering the end effector until it almost touches the upper side of the wafer and then applying suction to lift the water into contact with a wafer contacting surface on the underside of the en ...