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A plurality of cellular concave mirror surfaces are formed on a plate-like reflector unit, and a plurality of light-emitting diodes are disposed on these cellular concave mirror surfaces to jointly form a colored light source. Connection wirings to be connected with a power supply source are provide ...

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A vehicle lamp is mounted on vehicles such as automobiles. The lamp has an inner chamber constructed by a lamp housing and a lens, respectively having long shapes. In the chamber, there is a long light source fixing face member on which plural light sources are fixed. All light sources or electric b ...

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A solid-state image sensor of a charge sorting method used in a time-of-flight measurement method, in which noise derived from background light, which is caused by the reflection light from the subject derived from background light is eliminated, reflection light from the subject derived from a pred ...

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The present invention provides a light-emitting diode lamp having a printed circuit board which is arranged inside a glass bulb having a base at an end thereof, via a stem and stays. A plurality of light-emitting diodes are mounted on the printed circuit board, a current being supplied to the light- ...

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A light-emitting element of a light-emitting diode is mounted on a lead frame, stem or substrate, and is molded with resin so as to form a lens portion. A cap made of a light-transparent resin and having a hollow portion at the center thereof and an outer pheripheral surface, is mounted on the lens ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method of manufacturing a liquid crystal device by which the device can be manufactured in a small number of processes in a short time as well as damages on the surface of glass substrates are decreased.SOLUTION: A projected line 11 to surround the periphery of a p ...

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A surface mount type light-emitting unit composed of a light-emitting device, a first lead connected electrically with a first electrode of the light-emitting device, a second lead connected electrically with a second electrode of the light-emitting device, and a clear insulator for sealing the ligh ...

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A moisture trapping film for EL lamps of the organic dispersion type wherein a colorless, transparent adhesive layer having tackiness at room temperature is provided on one side or both sides of a colorless, transparent water-absorbing film.

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The present invention relates to an auxiliary stop lamp which is mounted internally of a rear window of a vehicle so as to illuminate the back of the vehicle, characterized in that the auxiliary stop lamp comprises a cylindrical housing in teh form of a transparent flexible member having opening at ...

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A color display device comprises a blue color emitting light source consisting of a blue color emitting fluorescent lamp or a white color emitting fluorescent lamp attached with a blue color filter, and a liquid crystal panel for controlling the transmission of the blue color light for every pixel, ...