Wild Ernst: Shutter device. Stafa Control System, Kleeman Werner W, January 14, 1975: US3860055 (57 worldwide citation)

A shutter device embodying a mechanism for raising and lowering the shutter, a feeler sensitive to external thermal and light radiation, the feeler being coupled with the raising and lowering mechanism and upon exceeding a predetermined radiation intensity triggering the mechanism for lowering the s ...




Stepwise control for two-step control with switching stages. Stafa Control System, July 2, 1975: GB1399648-A

1399648 Automatic control of temperature STAFA-CONTROL-SYSTEM SG SAG 15 Dec 1972 [17 Dec 1971] 58119/72 Heading G3R [Also in Division G4] In a control system wherein measured value is compared with a reference to produce a regulating value x w to control the sequential activation or deactivation of ...

Shutter device. Stafa Control System, January 28, 1976: GB1422989-A

1422989 Blinds STAFA CONTROL SYSTEM AG 18 June 1973 [22 June 1972] 28895/ 73 Heading E1J A shutter device comprises a manual device for raising the shutter 14, means 20 for holding the shutter in a raised position, a transducer 27 having a thermally expansible material and having an element 31 opera ...