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A machine is disclosed to bag powdery material wherein primary and secondary preconditioning chambers are used, having a volume sufficient to give enough time for the powdery material to become de-aerated. This de-aerated powdery material is then supplied to a bulk filling station and a dribble fill ...

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A printing system is disclosed wherein ink is emitted from a nozzle as entrained in a jet of air. The ink is introduced onto an ink wall from an ink passageway and a fluid passageway has an outlet directing air at an angle onto this ink wall to cause ink to flow along the wall and form into ligament ...

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The present disclosure relates to an insulated container construction and describes more specifically an embodiment of such construction which is in the nature of a disposable hot drink cup which includes an outer member shaped generally as a frustum of a cone having an open upper end and a closed b ...

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A multiwall bag having an interior plastic pouch formed from a sealed plastic tube having a longitudinal seam comprising overlapping tube margins sealed together by two spaced seals to provide a channel, one of the tube margins being formed with openings providing communication between the interior ...

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A conveyor accumulates collapsed, flexible flat tubes into roughly aligned stacks which are transferred to a collator comprising an inclined tray-like receptacle mounted for multidirectional movement. The receptacle is simultaneously rotated and pivoted from a loading station to a discharge station ...

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A multi-wall bag of tubular form comprising a plurality of plies of flexible sheet material laminated to one another and an innermost ply of heat sealable plastic material loosely bonded to the contiguous ply for manual detachment therefrom, said bag having a pair of oppositely disposed gussets inte ...

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A tear open and relockable cardboard container is disclosed comprising a first and a second top member having a first and a second top fold and a first and a second top edge which top members are secured in an overlapping relationship to form a top of the container. The first top member has a contai ...

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A knock-down, collapsible drum container assembly, comprising a pair of polygonal tubular members one adapted to fit within the other and comprising outer and inner tubular members of said container, each of said members being collapsible to a substantially flat state along oppositely disposed axial ...


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A sift-proof, leak-proof bag formed from a gusseted, multi-walled tube of paper having stepped plies and bag walls at each end of the tube for attachment to the bag side walls to provide closed bag ends.