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A remotely deflectable electrophysiology/ablation catheter of the type intended for placing into an interior passage of the heart is disclosed. The distal end of this elongated tubular catheter has a pair of tension/compression members each with a flattened end portion connected to the distal electr ...

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A medical system for finding and displaying the location of electrodes within the body. The electrodes may be used to measure the voltage on the heart wall and display this as an activation map on a geometry representing the heart chamber.

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A sensing and ablation electrode includes bifurcated sensing limbs separated by an ablation web. The electrode is disposed on the distal end of a catheter. The sensing limbs each support an array of sensors that are individually wired for mapping and post ablation efficacy testing. The web includes ...

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A robotic catheter manipulator assembly (300) may include a support member including a catheter manipulation base (308) and a sheath manipulation base (310) movable relative to each other and to the support member. Each respective manipulation base may be releasably connectable to a catheter cartrid ...

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An ablation catheter employing one or more manifold arrangements to convey a conductive fluid medium to a target tissue. The manifold includes at least one inlet port in fluid communication with a fluid supply lumen running along at least a portion of the catheter. The inlet port or ports are in flu ...

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The invention provides surgical systems and methods for ablating heart tissue within the interior and/or exterior of the heart. A plurality of probes is provided with each probe configured for introduction into the chest for engaging the heart. Each probe includes an elongated shaft having an elonga ...

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A brush electrode catheter and a method for using the brush electrode catheter for tissue ablation are disclosed. The brush electrode catheter comprises a plurality of flexible filaments or bristles for applying ablative energy (e.g., RF energy) to target tissue during the formation of spot or conti ...

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A computer software program is described that maps the electrical activity of a patient's heart. The software program utilizes inputs from electrodes contained within a heart chamber. Inputs from the electrodes cause the program to calculate the heart chamber volume, and then to determine the positi ...

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An ablation catheter including a shaft supporting one or more partially or completely exposed braided electrodes that may be positioned against a target tissue to ablate the tissue. The shaft may be precurved in a loop-like shape or any other shape to assist in positioning the electrode against a ta ...

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A process for preventing atrial premature contractions originating within a pulmonary vein from being conducted into the left atrium of a human heart. More specifically, an ablation lesion is formed which electrically isolates the located source of the atrial premature contraction in the pulmonary v ...