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Disk-shaped implant (2) for reinforcing of adjacent vertebrae characterised in that the implant (2) has a disk shaped core (4) made of solid metal having an open-pored or open-celled metal structure (6) provided on the surfaces of the core (4). The advantage of the invention is that bone tissue is c ...

Nazre Aniruddha A, Krebs Steven L, Hayes Kyle S: Suture anchor. Squibb Bristol Myers Co, December 13, 1995: EP0686373-A1 (141 worldwide citation)

A suture anchor comprises a shaft having a proximal and a distal end. A screw thread extends from the shaft and spirals from the proximal to the distal end. A cross-hole is formed through the shaft and the screw thread near the proximal end. The cross-hole receives a suture which provides a double e ...

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Sulfonamido heterocyclic thrombin inhibitors are provided which have the structure wherein G is including all stereoisomers thereof and salts thereof, wherein n is 0, l or 2 or 3; m is 0, l, 2 or 3; Y is NH or S; p is 0, l or 2, Q is a single bond or A is aryl, cycloalkyl, azacycloalkyl or azahetero ...

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An orthopaedic implant for implanting between adjacent vertebrae (10) and a spine, includes a generally annular bag (44); and a hardened polymer with the bag. The method of fusing adjacent vertebrae (10) in a spine includes the steps of forming an access hole (30) in an annulus (26) of a disc (12) b ...

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The present invention relates to a counter-receptor, termed CD40CR, for the CD40 B-cell antigen, and to soluble ligands for this receptor, including fusion molecules comprising at least a portion of CD40 protein. It is based, at least in part, on the discovery that a soluble CD40/immunoglobulin fusi ...

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The present invention relates to a compound of formula I or a nontoxic pharmaceutically acceptable salt, physiologically hydrolyzable ester or solvate thereof, in which X is -O-CO-, -NH-CO-, -CS-NH-, -CO-O-, -CO-NH-, -COS-, -SCO-, -SCH2-, -CH2-CH2-, -C IDENTICAL C-, -CH2-NH-, -COCH2-, -NHCS-, -CH2S- ...

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An implant (1) for fixing adjacent vertebrae in the region of the opposing bearing surfaces of the vertebrae is provided, in which several spherical spacers (2) having an open-cell or open-pore metal structure are disposed on at least one connecting element (6).

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There are disclosed novel oral prodrugs of phosphonate nucleotide analogs which are hydrolyzable under physiological conditions to yield compounds which are useful as antiviral agents, especially as agents effective against RNA and DNA viruses. They may also find use as antitumor agents.

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Heterocyclic thrombin inhibitors are provided which have the structure including all stereoisomers thereof wherein n is 0, l or 2; p is 0, l or 2; Q is a single bond or C=O; A is aryl or cycloalkyl, or an azacycloalkyl ring or an azaheteroalkyl ring; R is guanidine, amidine or aminomethyl, but when ...

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This invention relates to novel arginine aldehydes, their salts and hydrates, which compounds selectively exhibit serine proteases inhibitory activity, are highly stable in aqueous solutions, and are useful for anti-trypsin and anti-thrombin activity.