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Emitters and rotary hydraulic displacement pumps are associated with one or a number of propeller-type transducers and connected to receivers each having a rotary hydraulic displacement motor coupled to an alternator. The emitters are connected to the receivers by means of a hydraulic circuit for an ...

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The electronic interface device permits remote control and monitoring of a power distribution panelboard coupled with a management system. In respect of each outgoing power line, a local control unit is connected to a remote control unit while a central unit is assigned to each local control unit to ...

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According to the method of the invention there is wound, around a hollow body (1) and in substantially contiguous turns, a flexible strip (2), the latter strip being fixed onto the hollow body. The strip is of a material, the tensile limit of which is in excess of that of the material of which the h ...

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The device for protecting a structure against the effects of dynamic stresses and especially stresses produced by earthquakes comprises a system of friction supports constituted by seating blocks associated respectively with the structure and with the foundation floor. The blocks are applied against ...

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The procedure for manufacturing thin profiled strips, made up of continuous unidirectional fibers embedded in a thermoplastic resin, consists of impregnating a lap (1) of parallel fibers with resin particles, achieving resin fusion, forming the profiled strip and of cooling the latter.

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The method and the device enable power-supply and control panels of electrical installations to be cooled hydraulically by circulation of a liquid coolant in circuits 5, 6 integrated into the plug-in units of the panel. These circuits 5, 6 can be connected to the cold-fluid inlet and hot-fluid outle ...

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A device for desalting sea or brackish water by means of solar energy essentially comprises two adjacent canals or equivalent systems fed with seawater or brackish water and a greenhouse-type structure placed over one of the canals for evaporating the water. A fresh-water condensing and collecting s ...

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A device for aiding maintenance of an electromechanical installation, which installation has an automatic monitoring and control apparatus, provides remote supervision of the electromechanical installation. The device includes a control unit connected to the automatic monitoring and control apparatu ...

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Le dispositif d'interfaces électroniques permet le contrôle et la commande à distance d'un tableau de distribution d'énergie relié avec un système de gestion (14). Ce dispositif comprend pour chaque départ de puissance, une unité de commande locale (1A, ... 1N) reliée à une unité de commande à dista ...

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A device for desalting sea or brackish water using solar energy, characterized by the fact that it includes two adjacent canals or equivalent structures fed with the sea or brackish water, a green house type structure over one of the canals to vaporize water from it and a structure for condensation ...