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An interface selection and configuration system for a computer peripheral in which configuration for the peripheral and/or the host interface is at least in part accomplished by the interface connector cable. In a preferred embodiment, the computer peripheral is equipped with one or more hardware in ...

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A two-step process for characterization of peaks in a chromatogram is disclosed. Firstly, data corresponding to each peak or pair of peaks in the chromatogram is identified. A unique filter apparatus locates extrema of the curvature of the chromatographic data and a data file is generated containing ...

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An optical arrangement in a laser scanner for generating a cross bar X laser light beam scan pattern includes a multi-faceted or -mirrored optical device mounted for rotation about a vertical axis. The device has four primary mirrors oriented ninety degrees from one to the next about the vertical ax ...

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A data gathering system including a scanner and scale including one or more of the following features: a construction of compact dimensions with a low profile; integrated construction of the locations of the scanner and scale, and their associated components; modular components that are easily detac ...

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The output of a continuous wave modelocked Nd:YAG laser is first pulse compressed and then frequency doubled from infrared to green, to provide a new pumping source for a synchronously pumped dye laser. The disclosed apparatus and methods can achieve tunable subpicosecond pulses at relatively high a ...

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In the cycle of a positive displacement LC pump system the output pressure is sensed to measure onset of output flow as a time lag from the beginning of the output stroke to give an estimate of the input filling time lag from the beginning of the fill stroke. This estimate is used to recompute a pro ...

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A compact laser head for a solid state laser has a miniaturized laser rod and output coupling mirror which form a miniaturized laser cavity. A miniaturized frequency doubler crystal placed in the cavity provides frequency doubled output. The laser head is connected by an optical fiber to a separate ...

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An optical bar code reader using a light source which can be switched on quickly and includes provision for activating the light source and related devices only when data is actually being gathered, rather than wasting a large amount of beam on time and energy as in prior software based scanners.

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A small diameter multimode optical fiber with a low numerical aperture (i.e., 0.1) is used as a microlens to collimate the output emissions of a laser diode before butt coupling the output of the laser diode to an optical fiber. The optical fiber used as the microlens is chosen such that its diamete ...

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A method and apparatus for determining the transitions between binary levels of an input signal such as a scanned bar code label by detecting zero crossings of an approximated second derivative of the input signal. Samples of the input signal are obtained by using delay lines, sample-and-hold circui ...