Parichay Saxena
Parichay Saxena, Xiaohui Zhang, Hiroaki Nakano: Integrated communication center. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, July 10, 2001: US06259449 (95 worldwide citation)

A system for integrating communication programs in a computer is disclosed. A graphical user interface includes a first interface screen which provides display areas for information regarding files and messages sent and received by the computer. The first interface screen also includes option button ...

Parichay Saxena
Brian Bakoglu, Parichay Saxena: Online simultaneous/altering-audio/video/voice data based service and support for computer systems. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Harold T Fujii, Jerry A Miller, November 9, 1999: US05983369 (91 worldwide citation)

An online computer support system uses simultaneous and alternating transfer of different data types including voice, image, video, and other digital information. This allows a customer service representative and a user having a computer problem to communicate more effectively and solve the problem. ...

Parichay Saxena
Parichay Saxena, Sheng Dong, Alexandra Nsonwu: Voice recognition for animated agent-based navigation. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, David W Heid, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, April 23, 2002: US06377928 (81 worldwide citation)

A method of operation of a computer system for processing an arbitrary document such as a World Wide Web page to provide additional information not immediately available from the raw, unprocessed document. This additional information allows a user to navigate and control the content of the document ...



Loretta C Legall, Hans Masli, Charles J Kulas: Integrated search of electronic program guide, internet and other information resources. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, December 21, 1999: US06005565 (512 worldwide citation)

A power search tool that enables a user to search an electronic program guide and other information resources with one search. A search tool window is displayed that enables a user to select filter elements used to search. Alternately, in one embodiment, the filter elements are automatically selecte ...

Michael T MacKay: Integrated multi-media production and authoring system. Sony Electronics, Jeffrey J Blatt, April 26, 1994: US05307456 (427 worldwide citation)

A network multi-media production and authoring system. A real-time network referred to as an "AV LAN" is defined. Coupled to the AV LAN are a number of shared multi-media production resource devices. These multi-media production resource devices include video tape recorders, audio tape recorders, vi ...

Rodger J Lea, Harold Aaron Ludke: Home audio/video network with two level device control. Sony Corporation of Japan, Sony Electronics, Wagner Murabito & Hao, February 29, 2000: US06032202 (427 worldwide citation)

A method and system for providing seamless interoperability and integration of a plurality of devices in a network. When a new device is coupled to a home audio video network, the device is queried to obtain a description of first level functions supported by the device. A first level control module ...

Tadamasa Kitsukawa, Andrew Proehl, Gong Szedo, Keiichi Totsuka: Method and apparatus for providing on-demand electronic advertising. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, August 28, 2001: US06282713 (361 worldwide citation)

On-demand electronic advertising information is provided for items used in scenes of television programs. The advertising information is received along with broadcasts of associated television programs. Selected advertisement modes alert a viewer when advertising information is available for an item ...

Gail K White, Fujio Noguchi, Kazuhiko Akaike, Mark Schaffer: Method and apparatus for providing program oriented information in a multiple station broadcast system. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, January 21, 1997: US05596373 (354 worldwide citation)

An innovative but easy to use on-line program list is provided to provide the user of a multiple channel television broadcast system a wealth of programming information in a simple format that is easy to understand. The guide enables the user to easily select a particular program to watch or to watc ...

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