Fernand Navas: Intervertebral stabilization device incorporating dampers. Societe PSI, Dowell & Dowell, July 30, 1996: US05540688 (610 worldwide citation)

An intervertebral stabilization device is disclosed, made in the form of a damper adapted to resist elastically, on the one hand, an elongation and, on the other hand, an axial compression without buckling, as well as of at least two implants anchored on two adjacent vertebrae.

Fernand Navas: Application of an improved damper to an intervertebral stabilization device. Societe PSI, Dowell & Dowell, December 27, 1994: US05375823 (491 worldwide citation)

An improved damper, of the type comprising elements for progressively resisting, in exponential manner, the advance of a piston under the effect of a force of axial compression, which functions as a stop opposing any displacement of the piston beyond a predetermined value, in an intervertebral stabi ...