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A system for transferring data between persons, for example in lieu of cash transactions, requires that each person to or from whom data is to be transferred carries a portable electronic device including a memory. Data transfer means in the form of data recording devices are provided at fixed locat ...

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Data, for example, data relating to a bank account, is carried on the person in the form of a small portable means such as a flat card containing encapsulated logic microstructures. The circuitry includes a memory and its control circuits, with inhibitor means preventing access to predetermined sect ...

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A portable independent electronic object designed for storing and transferring data confidentially intended for being coupled to a data transfer device; the said portable object comprising, at least one store module intended for the storage of data in an easily portable form, containing enabling dat ...

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A system for storing and transferring data in confidential manner, the system comprising: at least one independent electronic portable article, and at least one independent transfer device, the portable article comprising: at least one store for storing data in an easily transportable form containin ...

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A time accounting system for accounting parking subject to charge periods which includes a card having an electronic memory in which each memory location can be individually and irreversibly written in order to represent a time unit credit allocated to the holder of the card. The system also include ...

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Process for the irreversible treatment of toxic waste by means of a silicate, in the presence of water, in such a way as to form a solid aggregate includes treatment of the silicate in an acid medium, for the purpose of obtaining silicic acid of low molecular weight; mixing the silicic acid with the ...

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A device for controlling the selective switching on and off of the supply of current to an electric appliance of a premises, particularly a hotel room, includes a door lock having a bolt and a keeper to be mounted in a door and a door frame of an entrance to the premises such that the bolt is movabl ...

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A centrifugal pump, of the type comprising a body, a shaft rotatable in the body via a bearing, an impeller fixed on the shaft and, between the impeller and the bearing, a mechanical seal assembly comprising a pair of engaging slide rings and an inner sleeve made of elastomeric material, fitted on t ...

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This composite impeller is intended for use in a pump incorporated in the cooling system of an internal combustion engine and comprises a metal hub permitting the tight fitting of the impeller on the pump shaft, and an impeller proper having one outer peripheral portion of said hub embedded therein, ...

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Shaft packing wherein the sealing ring and/or the counter-ring are coated with a thin layer of refractory or non-refractory material deposited thereon by using a plasma blowpipe.