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Interleukin 2 (IL 2; T-cell growth factor), produced with and without costimulation by Burkitt's lymphoma line Daudi, is purified approximately 37,000-fold to apparent homogeneity from lymphocyte-conditioned medium by (NH4)2SO4- precipitation, ion-exchange chromatography, gel filtration and hydropho ...

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2 min -Deoxy-2 min -fluoro- beta -D-arabinofuranosyl nucleosides of the following structure are disclosed: wherein X and Y are the same or different and are hydrogen, OR, SR, NRR or NHacyl where R and R are the same or different and are hydrogen, lower alkyl of l to 7 carbon atoms, aralkyl, or acyl ...


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A method for the production and purification of human tumor necrosis factor (hTNF) is described. This purified material, shows growth inhibitory, hemorrhagic necrosis, cytotoxicity, and cytostasis effects on a variety of human tumors and cancers. The hTNF is free of exogeneous endotoxin, bacteria, a ...

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Diagnostic panels for human gastrointestinal abnormalities such as cancer using mouse monoclonal antibodies are disclosed. These panels can be used in diagnosis and in therapeutic applications such as colon cancer.

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Monoclonal antibodies recognizing interleukin-2 (IL-2) of various species (human, rat, mouse) are disclosed. These antibodies are useful in purification of IL-2 from biological sample as well as in separating IL-2 into various sub-species. Immunoassay of IL-2 and identification of cells containing I ...



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This invention provides for an isolated mammalian nucleic acid molecule encoding a mammalian prostate-specific membrane antigen. This invention provides for nucleic acid probes which specifically hybridize with the nucleic acid molecule encoding said antigen. This invention provides for a method of ...