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A system and method generates electricity and co-produces a hydrogen flow from coal. The electricity is generated by a turbine with a topping combustor and a solid oxide fuel cell ("SOFC") reacting syngas. The syngas is produced in a coal gasifier with a portion of the compressed air from the turbin ...

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A combustion turbine having a compressed air cooling circuit that is connected to a nitrogen source. Compressed air is provided to the cooling circuit upon start-up and gradually switched to nitrogen cooling, as the nitrogen becomes available. Transition from compressed air to nitrogen cooling is su ...

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A ceramic composition for insulating components, made of ceramic matrix composites, of gas turbines is provided. The composition comprises a plurality of hollow oxide-based spheres of various dimensions, a phosphate binder, and at least one oxide filler powder, whereby the phosphate binder partially ...

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A combustor for a gas turbine having a centrally located fuel nozzle and inner, middle and outer concentric cylindrical liners, the inner liner enclosing a primary combustion zone. The combustor has an air inlet that forms two passages for pre-mixing primary fuel and air to be supplied to the primar ...

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A gas turbine combustor burns fuel from a fuel supply. The combustor includes a combustion chamber and a fuel delivery system for delivering the fuel to the combustion chamber. A pilot or fuel nozzle establishes a combustion flame in the combustion chamber by burning the fuel. One or more fuel lines ...


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A turbine blade with a cooling air flow path specifically directed toward cooling the platform portion of the blade root. Cooling air passages are formed in the blade root platform just below its radially outward facing surface on an overhanging portion of the platform opposite the convex surface of ...



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An annular premix section that reduces NO.sub.x and CO emissions of a gas turbine combustor by providing a more homogeneous fuel/air mixture for main stage combustion is provided. A gas turbine combustor according to the present invention includes a nozzle housing, a main fuel nozzle, and a main fue ...