Osman Ahmed: Method and apparatus for determining a thermal setpoint in a HVAC system. Siemens Building Technologies, Greer Burns & Crain, November 14, 2000: US06145751 (118 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses methods for determining setpoint information in a HVAC system. Setpoint values are determined using occupant feedback provided by individual occupants over at least one of an Internet or Intranet communications network. According to a first aspect of the invention a s ...

Neil Rhodes, Theo Frutiger, Maria A Power, Michael H Soemo: Activity based equipment scheduling method and system. Siemens Building Technologies, Greer Burns & Crain, June 6, 2000: US06073110 (82 worldwide citation)

A computer based equipment scheduling system uses activity definition data to schedule equipment. The method may be carried out by a networked computer system that receives activity definition data representing an activity, such as a volleyball game or board meeting, that occurs in a building. This ...

Brad Haeberle, Michael Dehart, Karen Wisniewski, Doug Emery: Method and system for obtaining service related information about equipment located at a plurality of sites. Siemens Building Technologies, February 26, 2008: US07337191 (73 worldwide citation)

A method and system is provided for communicating service and maintenance information about equipment located at distributed building sites. A customer web portal is provided with a database for storing the equipment service information. The web portal provides an efficient way of determining the se ...

Jim Coogan, Theo Frutiger, Mark Gagner, Margaret Ruane, Brian Kreger: Multi-node utilization of a single network variable input for computation of a single control variable at a sink node. Siemens Building Technologies, April 4, 2006: US07024282 (67 worldwide citation)

An environmental control system is configured to accept network variable outputs from a plurality of sources on a single network variable input and the update values are stored in a data structure for the computation of control variable values. The system includes a sink controller having a network ...

Norman R McFarland: Self-healing control network for building automation systems. Siemens Building Technologies, Rashmi S Raj, October 14, 2008: US07437596 (62 worldwide citation)

In building automation architectures, components may be associated through physical communications paths and at a different level through building automation applications. Building automation applications implement control processes for a building function. Due to changing needs, such as a failure o ...

Osman Ahmed: Method and apparatus for graphical display of a condition in a building system with a mobile display unit. Siemens Building Technologies, June 16, 2009: US07548833 (57 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus uses a stored model of a building system to render an image showing a condition sensed of the building control system on a mobile display unit. The mobile display unit may be wirelessly integrated into the building control system. The mobile display unit may operate based upon ...

Donald E Charles, Christopher Wojtowicz, Kenneth F Wolfinger: Room temperature sensor and thermostat control device. Siemens Building Technologies, Greer Burns & Crain, August 10, 1999: US05934554 (51 worldwide citation)

A thermostat control having improved user controls wherein an analog version contains a binary coded switch for selectively setting a setpoint temperature. The binary coded switch is configured to have discrete positions corresponding to a plurality of setpoint temperature settings. It contains, amo ...

Michael Soemo, Pierre DeSmul, Robert Johnson, Mark Gagner, Geoffrey D Nass: System controller for controlling a control network having an open communication protocol via proprietary communication. Siemens Building Technologies, December 26, 2006: US07155499 (49 worldwide citation)

A system controller is adapted to be integrated into a control network including a plurality of device controllers that communicate through the network via a network specific communication protocol for controlling a plurality of network devices. The system controller includes an application controll ...

Michael Lynn, Allen Morris, Richard A Perry, June R Carper: Electronic thermostat having high and low voltage control capability. Siemens Building Technologies, Greer Burns & Crain, August 15, 2000: US06102749 (49 worldwide citation)

An electronic thermostat having high and low voltage control capability and varied functional capabilities. The thermostat is particularly suited for use with fan coil heating and cooling units.

Norman R McFarland: Automated position detection for wireless building automation devices. Siemens Building Technologies, June 3, 2008: US07382271 (48 worldwide citation)

In a building environment, a coordinate location or local position of various automation devices is determined. The location or position may be determined using a wireless distance measurement. Applications, associations, and utilizations for wireless building automation devices are developed accord ...

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