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A polishing pad for a semiconductor wafer, which pad is made of a foamed fluorine-contained resin sheet and is highly resistant to a corrosive polishing solution such as bromine-methanol system or bromine-methanol-silica powder system.

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Light-emitting device with excellent emission intensity is difficult to obtain when gallium indium nitride with high indium composition ratio and poor crystallinity is employed as active layer for group-III nitride light-emitting device to emit a comparatively long wavelength light. The invention pr ...

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A synthesizing process for diamond by the chemical vapor phase growth method, characterized by converting an organic compound containing carbon, hydrogen and at least one of oxygen and nitrogen, to a gas phase, mixing the gas with hydrogen gas, decomposing the mixed gas by an energy of heat, electro ...

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A resin composition comprising (A) at least one heat-resistant resin, (B) at least one thermoplastic resin, (C) an antimony oxide, (D) at least one bromine-containing reaction product selected from the group consisting of (1) a compound having a molecular weight of from 1,200 to 6,000 and a bromine ...

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Alumina abrasive grains having a density of more than 3.75 g/cm.sup.3 and a hardness (Knoop) higher than 1,900 Kg/mm.sup.2 are disclosed as useful in manufacturing a grinding wheel with which sharp grinding is carried out under heavy loads. The grains are characterized in that the grain structure th ...

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In order to discriminate minute particles such as biological particles or organic polymers, a suspension of minute particles is formed into a particle stream with the individual particles substantially separated from each other, the particle stream is irradiated with a high-intensity light beam, the ...

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Mercury is removed from gases contaminated therewith by passing the gases in contact with activated carbon which has been impregnated with sulfuric acid. Carbon impregnation by soaking in a sulfuric acid solution and drying at preferred temperatures as well as mercury adsorption at preferred tempera ...


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A highly conductive polymer composition can be obtained by doping a neutralized conductive polymer having a .pi.-electron conjugated structure with an anionic polymer electrolyte. The conductive polymer composition is stable for a long period of time, and the content of the dopant in the polymer com ...

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In a capacitor comprising a pair of electrodes and a dielectric substance intervening between the two electrodes, one of the electrodes is composed of sintered niobium nitride. Preferably, the dielectric substance is composed of niobium oxide and the electrode other than the electrode composed of si ...