Huaguang Zhang, Enhui Chu, Xing Zhang, Bingyi Zhang, Xiuchong Liu, Shijie Yan, Huiming Xiong, Xiaochen Yang: Double auxiliary resonant commutated pole three-phase soft-switching inverter circuit and modulation method. Northeastern University, Shenyang University of Technology, Muncy Geissler Olds & Lowe P C, June 6, 2017: US09673730

Provided are a double auxiliary resonant commutated pole three-phase soft-switching inverter circuit and a modulation method. The circuit includes a three-phase main inverter circuit and a three-phase double auxiliary resonant commutator circuit. An A-phase double auxiliary resonant commutator circu ...

Zhang Chunhua, Zhang Song: Powder for preparing porous material by laser synthesis reaction. Shenyang University Of Technology, zhang chen, July 19, 2006: CN200610045637

The invention provides a paint for preparing porous materials through laser synthesizing reaction, wherein the paint comprises 20-80 wt% of NiTi shape memory powdered alloy, 2-10 wt% of high molecular polymer as binding agent and balancing TiH2 powder.

Zhang Song, Zhang Chunhua: Permanent implanted artificial bone and its preparation method. Shenyang University Of Technology, zhang chen, July 12, 2006: CN200610045638

An artificial bone for permanent replanting, employing the memorable alloy of solid NiTi shape as base material, with porous coating on the surface, and the characteristics are in that: the said porous coating is prepared through laser reaction, the coating and the base material are combined in allo ...

Zhao Ximei, Guo Qingding: Method for improving contour machining precision by using zero phase error tracking controller and disturbance observer. Shenyang University Of Technology, li yunping, October 11, 2006: CN200610046461

The invention relates to a method for improving the profile processing accuracy by zero phase error track control and disturb-detection. It comprises: a ZPETC, PD position controller, a DOB, and a controlled object. Wherein, the ZPETC is used to eliminate the error generated by the phase delay of cl ...

Sun Xueyan, Sun Xueli, Sun Qianhang: Floor type photoelectric blind stick. Shenyang University Of Technology, December 12, 2007: CN200610046821

A floor pushing type photoelectric blind crutch makes used of photoelectric technology and principle of machinery to perform omnibearing detecting travelling region. Photoelectric probe heads (key component of the overground alarm system) are arranged on a cross bearer. The detection region of the p ...



Liu Zheng, Zhang Kui, Zang Jingchun: Method for crude magnesium refining, alloying, magnesium alloy continuous casting and smelting. Shenyang University Of Technology, liu xiaolan, September 1, 2004: CN03133979

Process of crude magnesium refining, alloying and continual magnesium alloy casting and smelting, wherein coal-fired furnace or gas-fired furnace with low required precision can be converted into fining furnace through temperature control comprising the steps of, melting the crude magnesium and char ...

Xia Jiakuan, Wang Chengyuan, Huang Wei, Zhou Meiwen: Intersegmental dephasing asymmetric six-phase permanent-magnet linear servo-actuator. Shenyang University Of Technology, liyun ping, May 23, 2007: CN200610134364

The invention relates to an inter-section phase-shift asymmetry six-phase permanent-magnetic straight servo motor, wherein it comprises two unit motors serially or parallel connected; the initial magnetic circuits of said two motors are independent; the section are distanced via non-conductive mater ...

Lin Shen, Ma Yueqian, Xu Jianyuan, Liu Aimin: Linear motor operating mechanism of high-voltage breaker. Shenyang University Of Technology, liyun ping, May 30, 2007: CN200610134094

This invention relates to one high voltage breaker linear motor operation structure, which belongs to transducer device technique field, which comprises linear motor and its servo controller, wherein, the linear motor secondary or high voltage breaker dynamic probe are connected through isolation pu ...

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