Millicent Chen
Freddie Lee Massey, Deborah Ann Snell Tung, Millicent Louise Martin Shultz, Ben Duh, Charles Louis Kern Jr: Process to prepare a polyester resin. Shell Oil Company, Kim Muller, September 5, 2000: US06113997 (51 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed to prepare a polyester resin having a predetermined acetaldehyde (AA) content whereby the IV of the melt phase resin is constrained to a certain range resulting in a longer SSP time to achieve a higher level of IV for the resin with an AA content of 1 PPM or less. The resultan ...

Wilhelmus C M Lohbeck: Method of completing an uncased section of a borehole. Shell Oil Company, November 22, 1994: US05366012 (447 worldwide citation)

Method of completing an uncased section (10) of a borehole (1) in an underground formation (2) comprising the steps of:

Peter Van Meurs, Eric P De Rouffignac, Harold J Vinegar, Michael F Lucid: Conductively heating a subterranean oil shale to create permeability and subsequently produce oil. Shell Oil Company, December 12, 1989: US04886118 (351 worldwide citation)

Shale oil is produced from a subterranean interval of oil shale, where the interval is initially substantially impermeable and contains a specified grade and thickness of oil shale. Said interval is conductively heated from borehole interiors which are kept hotter than about 600.degree. C. and are h ...

Thomas Mikus: Heat injection process. Shell Oil Company, October 26, 1993: US05255742 (308 worldwide citation)

A method for heat injection into a subterranean formation is provided. The method utilizes flameless combustion. The absence of a flame eliminates the flame as a radiant heat source and results in a more even temperature distribution throughout the length of the burner. Flameless combustion is accom ...

Harold J Vinegar, George L Stegemeier: Vacuum method for removing soil contamination utilizing surface electrical heating. Shell Oil Company, January 15, 1991: US04984594 (303 worldwide citation)

An in-situ method is disclosed for removing contaminants from surface and near-surface soil by imposing a vacuum on the soil beneath a impermeable flexible sheet and then heating the soil with an electric surface heater that is positioned on the soil surface under the sheet. The heater is permeable ...

Peter Van Meurs, Cor F Van Egmond: Formation-tailored method and apparatus for uniformly heating long subterranean intervals at high temperature. Shell Oil Company, February 18, 1986: US04570715 (302 worldwide citation)

Long intervals of subterranean earth formations are heated at high temperatures for long times with an electrical heater containing spoolable, steel sheathed, mineral insulated cables which have high electrical conductivities, enabling them to heat the earth formations at a substantially uniform rat ...

Harold J Vinegar, Thomas Mikus, John Michael Karanikas, Scott Lee Wellington: Heater well method and apparatus. Shell Oil Company, May 2, 2000: US06056057 (301 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is disclosed for heating of formations using fired heaters. Each fired heater may consist of two concentric tubulars emplaced in the formation, connected via a wellhead to a burner at the surface. Combustion gases from the burner go down to the bottom of the inner tubular and ...

Eric Pierre de Rouffignac, Ilya Emil Berchenko, Thomas David Fowler, Robert Charles Ryan, Gordon Thomas Shahin Jr, George Leo Stegemeier, Harold J Vinegar, Scott Lee Wellington, Etuan Zhang: In situ thermal processing of a relatively impermeable formation to increase permeability of the formation. Shell Oil Company, August 31, 2004: US06782947 (294 worldwide citation)

A method for treating a relatively low permeability formation containing heavy hydrocarbons in situ may include providing heat from one or more heat sources to a portion of the formation. The heat may be allowed to transfer from the heat sources to a selected section of the formation. The transferre ...

Thomas Mikus, Scott Lee Wellington, John Michael Karanikas, Harold J Vinegar: Heater well method and apparatus. Shell Oil Company, Del S Christensen, June 27, 2000: US06079499 (293 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is disclosed for heating of formations using fired heaters. The method includes the steps of:


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