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In treating a well, automatically controlled measurements of temperature with depth within a subterranean interval which can be longer than hundreds of feet, deeper than thousands of feet and hotter than 600.degree. C., are made by extending a slender measuring means conduit through the well and the ...

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An apparatus and method are disclosed for producing thick tar sand deposits by preheating of thin, relatively highly conductive layers which are a small fraction of the total thickness of a tar sand deposit, with horizontal electrodes and steam stimulation. The preheating is continued until the visc ...

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Sample holder apparatus for use in imaging (X-ray CT/NMR) apparatus is provided. The sample holder may be employed to conduct fluid flow studies on a sample and to measure petrophysical properties of a sample. The sample holder may consist of non-ferromagnetic, nonmetallic components; these componen ...

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An apparatus for providing data for the calibration of the atomic number and density of a test material being scanned in the radiation field of a computerized axial tomographic scanner (CAT). The apparatus comprises a housing which is adapted to be positioned in the X-ray field of the CAT in a prede ...


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In a method for drilling adjacent to a cased known first borehole a second borehole in a predetermined direction the following steps are carried out for a number of along hole depths d.sub.i :

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A method and apparatus are provided for remediation of near surface soils, pavements and other surfaces using a radiant heating plate, an insulating layer, and a vapor barrier above the radiant heating plate and below the insulation. The radiant heating plate transfers thermal energy to the surface ...

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An improved process of permeabilizing and recovering water soluble and/or heat sensitive minerals and hydrocarbons from an oil shale formation containing said minerals by forming a cavern and vertically expanding it by contacting the cavern roof with a hot aqueous fluid while also causing horizontal ...

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A control system which minimizes the start up time of heaters and sustains long term automatic control is provided. This control system automatically converts control time constant current to constant power when the power reaches the power set and provides that after power interruptions, control wil ...