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A well heater is installed in a well by spooling electrical cable assemblies for heating and supplying power, in proper sequence, on at least one spooling means, unspooling them and attaching them to a heat- and tension-stable support means as the resulting assembly is drawn into the well by a weigh ...


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An in situ method for removal of contaminants from soil imposes a vacuum on the soil through perforated heater wells that are positioned in the soil. The heater wells heat the soil to elevated temperatures by thermal conduction. The heater wells are permeable to vapors which emanate from the soil wh ...


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A method for heat injection into a subterranean formation is provided. The method utilizes flameless combustion and a gas fired heater having an electrical heated surface for ignition of the gas. The absence of a flame eliminates the flame as a radiant heat source and results in a more even temperat ...

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A method of producing hydrocarbons and optionally water-soluble minerals from a subterranean oil shale formation containing zone(s) of water-soluble minerals, by penetrating said formation with at least one borehole and leaching or dissolving the water-soluble minerals from the formation with a solv ...


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A cement slurry is provided which is useful to cement wellbores in high temperature service. A high alumina cement is used. The density of the slurry is relatively low as a result of using a low density aggregate. In a preferred embodiment, the low density aggregate is graphite. The graphite additio ...

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An in situ process for treating an oil containing formation is provided. The process may include providing heat from one or more heaters to at least a portion of the formation. The heat may be allowed to transfer from the one or more heaters to a part of the formation such that heat from the one or ...

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A method is disclosed for producing thick tar sand deposits by preheating of thin, relatively conductive layers which are a small fraction of the total thickness of a tar sand deposit. The thin conductive layers serve to confine the heating within the tar sands to a thin zone adjacent to the conduct ...