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A B S T R A C T CONDUCTIVELY HEATING A SUBTERRANEAN OIL SHALE TO CREATE PERMEABILITY AND SUBSEQUENTLY PRODUCE OIL Shale oil is subsequently produced from a subterraneaninterval of oil shale, where the interval is initiallysubstantially impermeable and contains a specified grade andthickness of oil s ...

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A B S T R A C T HEATING RATE VARIANTELONGATED ELECTRIC RESISTANCE HEATER An electrical resistance heater capable of generating heat atdifferent rates at different locations along its length comprises acontinuous and unitary electrical conductor having a thicknesswhich is different at different locat ...

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An improved method for recovery of bitumen form bituminous froth is disclosed having particular application in hot water separation of tar sands wherein comminuted tar sand is slurried in hot water, subject to gravity separation to isolate a bituminous froth, containing water and mineral matter, and ...



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A method for processing an oil sand froth that is withdrawn as an underflow stream (5) from a primary bitumen froth separation vessel (4) comprises the steps of vigorously agitating the underflow in an agitating tank (6) at such a shear level that agglomerates of asphaltenes and clays are formed whi ...


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The present invention is directed to a method for separating bitumen from oil sand using sonic energy. In particular, the invention is directed to a method for recovering bitumen from an oil sand extraction process by sonicating a bitumen-water slurry such that the viscosity of the slurry is reduced ...


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Method of recovering fluids from an underground tar sand reservoir or heavy oil reservoir comprising (a) drilling and completing a first pair of wells and a second pair of wells, each pair comprising an injection well terminating in the reservoir and a production well terminating in the reservoir be ...