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In a thin film transistor, a gate insulating film having a first insulating film and a second insulating film is formed on a gate electrode, and a semiconductor layer including ZnO etc. is formed on the second insulating film. The first insulating film is formed by using SiN

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(EN) A thin film transistor (1) wherein a gate electrode (3) is formed on an insulative substrate (2), a gate insulating layer (4) is formed on the gate electrode (3), a semiconductor layer (5) is formed on the gate insulating layer (4), a source electrode (6) and a drain electrode (7) are formed on ...

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A casing and a nozzle plate form a hollow cavity in which ink liquid can be filled. A buckling structure body is disposed within this hollow cavity. A nozzle orifice is provided in a nozzle plate at a position corresponding to the buckling structure body. The buckling structure body has a portion ex ...

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A variable interferometric device comprising a Fabry-Perot interferometer composed of a pair of reflecting substances facing each other with a space therebetween formed by spacers and a means for deforming at least one of the reflecting substances constituting said Fabry-Perot interferometer to ther ...

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An object of the invention is to improve the operability and ease of use of electronic apparatus generally known as electronic notebooks used for storing and displaying textual data and other data entered thereto. The electronic apparatus facilitates effective creation of text having a hierarchical ...

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A pressure generating member applies a pressure to an ink, the member having a symmetric configuration and including a buckling body. The buckling body may include a radially extending ribbed portion on its upper surface and no buckling layer beneath it. A heater layer is interposed between insulati ...

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A liquid crystal display device including: a display section including a liquid crystal layer; a pair of substrates interposing the liquid crystal layer; a plurality of pixel electrodes located in a matrix on one of the pair of substrates; a plurality of first thin film transistors respectively conn ...

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A liquid crystal display device according to the present invention includes a first substrate, a second substrate, and a liquid crystal layer interposed between the first substrate and the second substrate. The first substrate includes: a plurality of gate lines; a plurality of source lines arranged ...

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In a multi-layer interconnection structure, the wiring length is to be reduced, and the interconnection is to be straightened, at the same time as measures need to be taken against radiation noise. To this end, there is disclosed a semiconductor device in which plural semiconductor substrates, each ...

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A method for making a semiconductor device of a type comprising at least first and second semiconductor circuit units, which method comprises the step of forming a plurality of connecting electrodes on an upper surface of each of at least first and second semiconductor substrates; forming an electri ...