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A semiconductor electronic device comprises a chip of a semiconductor material, a set of metal conductors adjacent to the plate, a set of wire leads joining selected points on the chip to the metal conductors, and a supporting metal plate formed of three portions having a total surface area which is ...

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A regulating circuit for the output voltage of a voltage booster, of the type which comprises a first charge transfer capacitor adapted to draw electric charges from the supply terminal and transfer them to the output terminal, through electronic switches controlled by non-overlapped complementary p ...

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A method for sensing multiple-levels non-volatile memory cells which can take one programming level among a plurality of m=2.sup.n (n>=Z) different programming levels, provides for biasing a memory cell to be sensed in a predetermined condition, so that the memory cell sinks a cell current with a va ...

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A method of reconstructing an analog signal, particularly for digital telephony, comprises a first step of digital-to-analog conversion, wherein a first reconstruction of the analog signal is provided by introducing a distortion component into the frequency spectrum whose amplitude decreases with th ...

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A process for manufacturing CMOS integrated devices with gate lengths of less than one micron and high supply voltage is described. In order to improve the resistance of CMOS devices to breakdown and punch-through phenomena without cost increases with respect to conventional CMOS processes and limit ...

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The present invention relates to a memory device and specifically the multilevel type with error check and correction function and having a data input (DI), a data output (DO) and an address input (A1) and being of the type comprising first memory, circuit (DM) designed to be accessed by means of ad ...

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A semiconductor device in a plastic or ceramic package contains at least one silicon die on each side of a central die pad of a single metal frame, thus allowing a substantial space saving on the printed circuit assembly card.

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A MOS transistor capable of withstanding relatively high voltages is of a type integrated on a region included in a substrate of semiconductor material, having conductivity of a first type and comprising a channel region intermediate between a first active region of source and a second active region ...

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The current flowing through a cell to be read, forming part of a nonvolatile memory array and presenting a characteristic with a predetermined slope, is amplified N times and compared with a reference current presenting a two portion characteristic: a first portion extending between a predetermined ...

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A programmable logic device has an architecture which permits to implement logic functions through loopable multi-levels by utilizing a network of distributed memory arrays organized as a mosaic of arrays of programmable memory cells and multifunctional interfacing blocks. Each of said blocks contai ...