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A method of air navigation for guiding a moving vehicle toward a moving target. Both the moving vehicle and the moving target use satellite positioning receivers. Instead of transmitting the position computed by the target to the vehicle, only the pseudo-range and pseudo-velocity measurements betwee ...

Patrick Pages: Method for piloting an aerodyne by automatic control onto a horizontal path determined from way points. Sextant Avionique, Browdy & Neimark, June 30, 1998: US05774818 (12 worldwide citation)

In order to pilot an aerodyne between two geographical positions associated with a transition route constraint, the method according to the invention comprises the application to each of these positions of a first transformation transforming the rhumb lines into straight lines, the construction of a ...

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The system according to the invention involves a communication instrument comprising a sensitive surface coupled to a processor which provides management of a plurality of display elements (4, 5 and 7 to 12), the dialogue between the said instrument and the said processor taking place according to a ...

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The procedure for piloting an aircraft at low altitude allows flight at a tangent to the relief over which the aircraft passes. The pilot of the aircraft determines on a cartographic screen the target points (Bi, Bi+1) past which to fly. This allows calculation of the profile of the terrain, with th ...

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Disclosed is a supply of the AC-DC converter type where the regulation is achieved by successive operations for charging and discharging a capacitor. The supply includes an input oscillator circuit, the period of which is very small as compared with that of the input AC voltage. A first switch is cl ...

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The procedure uses a processor (2) associated with a terminal (4,5,6) having a touch screen and memories (3) holding information useful for flight. The processor is also connected to the aircraft equipment allowing collection of real time data about the operation of the aircraft.The processor is int ...

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To facilitate the task of a pilot, an on-board computer (FMS) carries out a dialogue with the pilot via a data display and input console (MCDU). This console displays a list of tasks to be executed in the form of a succession of selectable and activatable main zones (40). Each zone corresponds to a ...

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A process for the denoising of audio signals picked up in a noisy environment, for example in the cockpit of an aircraft or of another vehicle, and more precisely to the searching for a noise model in the audio signals. Input signals are digitized, and these signals are processed on the basis of a n ...

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The invention relates to a pilot's helmet with a tinted visor that can be locked in raised position during nighttime use by a device using spring-loaded balls, and that can be lowered manually, or automatically when the pilot ejects thanks to a spring-loaded system tending to close the visor.

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A device for measuring the rotational speed of a shaft. A toothed wheel is connected to rotate with the shaft within a magnetic field. A birefringement optic fiber is connected to a light source, and passes through the magnetic field. A magnetorestrictive material is supported in contact with the op ...