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A flexible billing system captures communication events on a more granular level then current communication systems. The captured communication events can then be aggregated into different event categories and combined with other event parameters to provide a wider variety of billing options to mobi ...

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A communication network encrypts a first portion of a transaction associated with point-to-point communications using a point-to-point encryption key. A second portion of the transaction associated with end-to-end communications is encrypted using an end-to-end encryption key.

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A real-time communication architecture establishes a continuous connection between an enterprise network and a communication management system. The connection is continuously held open allowing mobile devices real-time access to enterprise email systems. The real-time communication architecture can ...

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Methods for the intelligent rendering of information in a limited display environment are provided. Display environments, especially in mobile devices, are limited with regard to physical space and technical capability. The present invention provides for the scaling of information in the display in ...

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A system for aggregating and managing PIM data from multiple sources is provided. By aggregating various sources of data, the present system allow for the bridging of networked communities and organizations. Limitations of data aggregation as a result of proprietary and/or protocol concerns are over ...

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Means for allowing users to manage and make productive use of PIM data are provided. User status is determined by certain contextual indicia whereby other parties may contact the user through the most appropriate means as reflected by that contextual indicia. Information concerning presence, status, ...

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A system and method for publishing information to a community of users is disclosed. Published information is inclusive of, for example, calendar data, blog data and photographs. Communities may be defined by PIM data or automatically generated by a data aggregation server in response to a user-defi ...

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Systems and methods for a mobile device to use physical storage of another device for caching are disclosed. In one embodiment, a mobile device is able to receive over a cellular or IP network a response or content to be cached and wirelessly access the physical storage of the other device via a wir ...

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Systems and methods for using location information to determine a medium to use for communications to a user of a mobile device are provided. The user's mobile device provides location information to in intermediate computing device. That location information is accessed and used to determine, from ...

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A system and method for translating, synthesizing and acting upon disparate event sets is provided. The disclosed cross-platform event engine comprises an event module with information pertaining to various event inputs as they relate to different operating platforms and devices. Logic utilized by t ...