Robert Eric Young: Data transmitting systems. Serck, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak, January 3, 1978: US04066841 (100 worldwide citation)

It is important that a data transmission system should be fast, utilize a minimum of band width and be accurate in the presence of high noise levels. The invention provides a frequency shift keying data transmission system for transmission of binary coded information in which the mark of the coded p ...

Philip G Tooker: Method and apparatus for joining a tubular element to a support. Serck, Staas & Halsey, May 27, 1980: US04204312 (83 worldwide citation)

The invention provides method of securing a tubular element such as a heat exchange tube to a support such as a tube plate. The method involves inserting an over-size ultrasonically vibrating tool therein to expand the element outwardly against the internal wall of the aperture. The invention also p ...

Peter G Michaluk: Apparatus and method including a hydrocyclone separator in combination with a tubular filter. Serck Baker, Nixon & Vanderhye, December 26, 1995: US05478484 (38 worldwide citation)

A separator comprises a cyclone for removing more dense particles e.g. sand and a filter for removing less dense particles e.g. organic material from a liquid e.g. water. The arrangement is such that the filter experiences a shearing/scouring force which assists in preventing blockage.

Walton Peter: Butterfly valves. Serck, July 18, 1972: US3677297 (36 worldwide citation)

A butterfly valve has a vane in the form of a disc with part-spherical periphery. The periphery engages the valve housing to shut the valve. Portions of the vane are removed so that as the valve is opened the whole of the fluid flow passes over the relieved portion. By selection of the shape of the ...

Albert Frederick Wigley: Liquid cooler devices. Serck, Brady O Boyle & Gates, April 20, 1976: US03952077 (28 worldwide citation)

A packing for a gas/liquid contact apparatus, particularly a cooling tower, comprising corrugated sheets assembled together to form a honeycomb structure. The sheets are formed with transverse ribs which project into the tubes of the honeycombs and which define liquid passages communicating between ...

Murray K Forbes, Robert Harwood, Stephen H Carter: Shell- and tube-type heat exchangers and their production. Serck, Trexler Bushnell Giangiorgi & Blackstone, March 29, 1988: US04733722 (19 worldwide citation)

A casing for a shell- and tube-type heat exchanger is produced by deforming two axially spaced portions of a length of tubing to make their integral peripheries either larger than or smaller than the internal periphery of an intermediate portion of the casing which is interposed between the end port ...

William F Williams: Fluid flow control valve, principally of the ball or plug type. Serck, Ferguson Baker Whitham Spooner & Kroboth, June 1, 1982: US04332370 (19 worldwide citation)

A ball or plug valve comprises a ball or plug having a through bore which is rotatable in a metal body to control the flow of fluid through a passage in the body. The ball can be rotated from the exterior of the body by means of a metal stem which is rotatably received in an opening in the metal bod ...

Robert Eric Young: Frequency shift signal transmission systems using half-cycles of frequency shift oscillator. Serck Controls Leamington GB2, Holman & Stern, February 23, 1971: US3566033 (10 worldwide citation)

In data transmission system for the transmission of binary coded date a mark is represented by only one-half a cycle of one frequency and a space by only one-half a cycle of another frequency. The receiver is arranged to reorganize the respective frequency from examining each half-cycle.

Robert Taylor Holmes: Method of manufacturing heat exchangers. Serck, Holman & Stern, June 1, 1976: US03961010 (10 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a heat exchanger comprises temporarily suporting a number of tubes in a first mould using a plurality of removable tube plates. The first mould is then filled with a molten, low melting alloy. After the alloy has set, the assembly is removed from the first mould and the tub ...

Thomas Clarkson Barclay: Oil-sand separation. Axsia Serck Baker, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, November 13, 2001: US06315837 (10 worldwide citation)

A slurry of contaminated sand and water is delivered to a solid/liquid hydrocyclone (