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A light adjusting sheet for a planar lighting device includes a plurality of convex and concave streaks arranged alternately and approximately parallel to each other on one surface. The streaks may have a cross section of a sine curve. Another light adjusting sheet consists of a plurality of single ...


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An interlayer film for laminated glass comprising laminated layers of at least one layer (A) which comprises a plasticizer and polyvinyl acetal resin for which the number of carbon atoms in the acetal group is 4, 5 or 6 and the mole ratio of the average amount of the ethylene groups bonded to acetyl ...

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A structural material formed of a fiber and honeycomb reinforced foamed resin is disclosed, which is constructed by arranging a honeycomb material, the voids of which contain a foamable thermosetting resinous liquid, between two fibrous layers and heating the assembly to foam the resinous liquid and ...

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A molded synthetic resin nursery box B comprises a grid member 2 dividing the box into individual compartments 3 communicating with each other through side wall apertures 23. A wavy bottom plate 12 of the box has drainage holes 13 therein, and the grid member side walls are notched at their top edge ...

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A female pipe joint end 3 has a circular groove 11 and a rectangular circular groove 9 in its expanded inner periphery, and a mating male pipe joint end 6 has a tapered insertion edge 5 and a circular groove 7 in its outer periphery. The side wall of the groove 7 nearest the pipe end is perpendicula ...

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A process for producing a crosslinked and foamed resin sheet which comprises shaping a resinous mixture comprising a thermoplastic synthetic resin and a heat-decomposable blowing agent into a sheet form, applying a high-energy ionizing radiation to the resulting foamable resin sheet to crosslink the ...

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Reusable, composite, adhesive sealing tapes for releasably interconnecting container parts and the like, such as corrugated boxes, paper bags, etc. The tapes, cut to a suitable length and width, include at least two tape portions or laminations, namely a main tape portion and a partly coplanar reinf ...

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A metal hydride heat pump system has a plurality of operating units, the metal hydride heat exchange medium of each operating unit be a combination of a first metal hydride having a lower equilibrium dissociation pressure at the operating temperature and a second metal hydride having a higher equili ...

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Interfitting, similar sized and configured members, without bolts, screws, nuts or like locking members, define stacked or end to end coupled unit boxes to form a sectional rack useful as a display rack, filing cabinet or bookcase.