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Signals indicative of unencoded input data are encoded into a plurality of encoded sequences. A first subset of the plurality of encoded sequences are encoded according to a k constrained code of rate x/y and a second subset of the plurality of unencoded sequences are encoded according to a k constr ...

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A contact start/stop architecture for disk drives overcomes problems introduced by low flying MR (magnets resistive) heads and textured landing zones. Takeoff velocity for heads vary from the textured landing zone to the data zone. Contact start/stop operations are controlled relative to a critical ...

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A cable connector includes a connector housing mounted to an edge of a circuit board so that the connector is electrically connected to circuits on the circuit board. The circuit board and cable connector are mountable to a disc drive housing. The cable connector housing has an external configuratio ...

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A method and fly-height tester include a moving medium and a slider mount that holds a slider in proximity with the medium so that the slider flies relative to the medium. At least one light emitting diode generates a light that is directed by optics so that it reflects off the medium and the slider ...

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A high areal density magnetic recording medium exhibiting high remanent coercivity and high coercivity squareness is formed with a thin CoCrTa intermediate layer to provide appropriate crystalline orientation and surface morphology for nucleation and growth of a magnetic layer thereon. The present i ...

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A heat generating component of a slider is energized at a predetermined frequency. The heat generating component changes a spacing between a medium and the slider. A temperature response proximate a media-facing surface of the slider is measured while the heating element is energized. Based on the m ...

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A disc drive includes a base plate and a structural cover removably attached to the base plate to form an internal environment within the disc drive that is filled with a low density gas such as helium. A sealing cover is permanently attached to the base plate and the structural cover to form a herm ...

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The application discloses a data storage device including one or more data storage media adapted to store data. The data storage device is connected to and powered by a power source of the host system. In the event of a loss of power from the host system, an auxiliary power source is used to power c ...

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Step-dwell transport equipment for intermittently transporting discs past one or more processing stations, in a sputtering system (10) having a process chamber (12) with e.g. 6 processing stations (32) has shuttles (20) transported through the interior of the chamber and guided by a process rail (40 ...

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The embodiments disclose an orientation control bias point coupled to a magnetic index mark and having a bias point offset set at predetermined coordinates configured to substantially prevent concentricity run-out.