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Disclosed is a unitary or single-ply fibrous web having a laminate-like structure which consists of a soft, absorbent central core region of relatively low fiber concentration sandwiched between two strong, abrasion-resistant surface regions of higher fiber concentration. The surface regions have bo ...

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A wet wipe comprising a porous sheet impregnated with an aqueous lotion and, concentrated near the surface of the sheet, polymeric beads containing a functional ingredient which is useful for treating the human skin or environmental surfaces and which are characterized in providing controlled releas ...

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Dispensing devices employed in a bulk package of substantially wet sheets include a substantially flat section having an opening through which successive sheets are adapted to be individually dispensed. The opening includes curved surfaces which are substantially free of sharp angles and bends to pr ...

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A container including a container body, at least one socket member connected to the container body and having spaced generally opposed socket walls defining a passageway, and a cover attachable to the container body, the cover including at least one pivot member which enters the passageway when the ...

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A method is disclosed for forming a strong, soft, fibrous sheet material having substantial stretch in all directions in its own plane, by formimg a web of cellulosic fibers having a basis weight of from about 5 to about 55 pounds per ream of 2,880 square feet, adhering one surface of the web to a c ...

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A process for making a strong, bulky, absorbent paper sheet with improved uniformity by forming the web on a forming fabric with a furnish having a consistency in the range of from about 0.08% to about 0.6% solids, dewatering the web noncompressibly such that the web is the range of from about 30% t ...

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A disposable, compactable moisture-impervious package for dispensing a stack of premoistened sheets has a pocket portion and a flap portion, each made of a pliable and compactable moisture-impervious material. The pocket portion has first and second walls adhered to each other to provide a compartme ...

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A flexible, moisture-impervious package for moistened webs includes a pocket portion and a flap section. The pocket portion includes an interior compartment in which the moistened webs are retained. A weakened region provided in a top wall of the pocket portion defines a plug section that is separat ...

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Material is transferred by a laser beam from a transparent carrier film to a lithographic surface, thereby producing a planographic printing plate and a film having clear areas corresponding to the image on the plate.

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A baby diaper retaining garment and disposable flushable pads for use therewith, the pad having exposed at least the central portion of one face of the layer of absorbent material to render it readily flushable upon exposure to a liquid, and the garment having spaced pockets for retaining ends of su ...