James M Evans, Vincent W Ting: Modified epoxy resins, processes for making and using same and substrates coated therewith. SCM Corporation, Irons & Sears, July 15, 1980: US04212781 (88 worldwide citation)

Discloses a technique for modifying an epoxy resin by reacting with addition copolymerizable monomer in the presence of at least 3% of benzoyl peroxide at about 110.degree. C. to 120.degree. C., or the free radical initiating equivalent thereof. The reaction mixture obtained contains:


McGinniss Vincent Daniel: Uv and laser curing of the polymerizable binder. SCM Corporation, Schmitz Thomas M, October 28, 1975: US3915824 (78 worldwide citation)

An improved process for laser or UV curing of pigmented-binder systems comprising ethylenically unsaturated polymers containing at least about 0.05 weight parts of opacifying pigment per weight part of binder wherein the pigmented-binder system includes from about 0.5% up to about 3% of a halogenate ...

Pratt Ivor, Boschert Ulrich: Low-shrink thermosetting polymers. SCM Corporation, Schmitz Thomas M, May 13, 1975: US3883612 (68 worldwide citation)

The invention pertains to a one-part low-shrink or low-profile molding composition based on a dicyclopentadiene-modified polyester resin. The molding resin compositions are stabilized emulsions comprising a thermosetting unsaturated polyester polymer modified with dicyclopentadiene, an ethylenically ...

Janette M Barnes, James A Steinke: Encapsulation matrix composition and encapsulate containing same. SCM Corporation, Richard H Thomas, August 25, 1987: US04689235 (66 worldwide citation)

There is provided an extrudable encapsulation matrix composition having improved loading capacity for oils, flavors, fragrances, agricultural chemicals, insecticides, drugs, etc. The matrix comprises a maltodextrin and hydrogen octenylbutanedioate amylodextrin or equivalent.

Nadkarni Anil V, Klar Erhard: Dispersion strengthening of metals by internal oxidation. SCM Corporation, December 18, 1973: US3779714 (62 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are methods and compositions for forming dispersion-strengthened metal products by the in situ internal oxidation of an alloy powder of a solute metal in a matrix metal. The matrix metal is relatively noble with respect to the solute metal so that the solute metal will be preferentially ox ...

Robert O Lindstrom: Tamper evidencing plastic can top. SCM Corporation, Richard H Thomas, April 21, 1987: US04658980 (60 worldwide citation)

A container cap comprising a cover member, at least one opening in the cover member, lid means including at least one lid to close said opening, flexible hinge means connecting the lid means to the cover member, and defining a free edge opposite said hinge means, and tamper evidencing means in the f ...

Phillip J Percel, Douglas W Perkins: Particulate food acidulant. SCM Corporation, Richard H Thomas, April 16, 1985: US04511584 (58 worldwide citation)

A particulate food acidulant composed of lactic acid plated onto a calcium lactate carrier, and a lipid coating encapsulating the carrier and acid.

James M Evans, Vincent W Ting: Graft polymer compositions of terminated epoxy resin, processes for making and using same, and substrates coated therewith. SCM Corporation, Irons and Sears, December 29, 1981: US04308185 (57 worldwide citation)

Epoxy resin is reacted with a terminating agent to eliminate at least part of the epoxide groups of the resin and form modified resin. The epoxy resin or such modified resin is also reacted with addition polymerizable monomer at elevated temperature in the presence of at least 3% of benzoyl peroxide ...

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An opacified latex dispersion paint composition comprises film-forming latex binder having a major weight proportion of polymer particles not smaller than about 1,000 A, non-film-forming plastic polymer particles having a weighted average particle size diameter between about 1,000 A and 10,000 A, an ...