Ronald D Adams, Roy H Sullivan III, Lauren O Main, Peter K Kratsch, George A Nunez, Jurgen A Kortenbach, Matt Solar, Gerhard F Buess, Marc O Schurr: Method and device for full thickness resectioning of an organ. Scimed Life Systems, Kenyon & Kenyon, October 3, 2000: US06126058 (600 worldwide citation)

A full-thickness resection system comprises a flexible endoscope and a stapling mechanism, wherein the endoscope is slidably received through at least a portion of the stapling mechanism. The stapling mechanism comprises an anvil and a stapling head mounted to the anvil so that the anvil and the sta ...

Bradley Linden, Donald F Palme II, Paul J Buscemi, Thomas J Holman: Device for closing a septal defect. Scimed Life Systems, Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus, June 3, 1997: US05634936 (592 worldwide citation)

A device for closing off a septal defect including a polymeric self-hardening material in a specific conformation which is delivered by a catheter device to the area of defect either directly on the cardiac tissue or into a balloon which spans both surfaces of the defect, and hardened in-situ by cha ...

Andrew W Buirge, Paul J Buscemi, Paul H Burmeister: Stent with collagen. SciMed Life Systems, Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus P A, December 2, 1997: US05693085 (533 worldwide citation)

Collagen applied to a vascular stem for increasing the biocompatability of the stent on implantation find method of treatment.

John M K Daniel, Robert L Cassell, David J Holtan: Distal protection device. SciMed Life Systems, Westman Champlin & Kelly P A, September 29, 1998: US05814064 (530 worldwide citation)

An emboli capturing system captures emboli in blood flowing in the vasculature. The emboli capturing system includes a guidewire having a longitudinal axis and defining a lumen along at least a portion thereof. An expandable member is coupled to a distal portion of the guidewire and has an interior ...

Kristian DiMatteo, Peter Marshall: Implantable prosthetic valve. Scimed Life Systems, Hoffmann & Baron, August 27, 2002: US06440164 (516 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic valve for implantation within a fluid conducting lumen within a body includes an elongate generally cylindrical radially collapsible valve body scaffold defining a fluid passageway therethrough for retentive positioning within the lumen. A radially collapsible leaf valve member is suppo ...

Jon P St Germain, Scott A Olson: Stent deployment catheter with collapsible sheath. SciMed Life Systems, Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus, July 9, 1996: US05534007 (513 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an improved stent delivery catheter. The stent delivery system comprises a catheter having a stent receiving portion adapted to receive a stent near the distal end of the catheter and a stent concentrically arranged around the catheter within the stent receiving portio ...

Roy H Sullivan, Ronald D Adams: Multi fire full thickness resectioning device. SciMed Life Systems, Fay Kaplun & Marcin, August 5, 2003: US06601749 (506 worldwide citation)

The FTRD described comprises a removable cartridge body that contains a new load of staples and a new blade for use in the FTRD. The cartridge body can be removed and replaced with a new one once the staples have been used. Rotation of a main shaft by the physician causes the staples to be fired and ...

Kalpana R Kamath, James J Barry, Sepideh H Nott: Polymeric coatings for controlled delivery of active agents. Scimed Life Systems, Kenyon & Kenyon, January 1, 2002: US06335029 (500 worldwide citation)

Implantable medical device having a structure adapted for introduction into a patient wherein the structure is composed of a base material positioned over the structure. The implantable medical device further includes at least one composite layer of a bioactive agent and a polymer material and at le ...

Sew Wah Tay, Kemal Schankereli, Thomas Holman, Hans Mische: Apparatus and method for sealing vascular punctures. Scimed Life Systems, Steven P Willian Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione Shurtz, April 16, 1996: US05507744 (492 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for closing and sealing a vascular puncture is connected to an energy supply such that heat is generated in, or thermally conducted to, the tissue, thereby thermally fusing the vascular tissue together. The method for closing and sealing a vascular puncture comprises applying radio freq ...

Daniel M Lafontaine, Kent D Harrison: Closure device and method. SciMed Life Systems, Crompton Seager & Tufte, October 12, 1999: US05964782 (474 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for closing a perforation in a wall of a patient's blood vessel or other organs, and a method of introducing the apparatus and causing the closure are described. The apparatus includes an elongated support member having a distal end supporting one or more tissue engaging hoo ...

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