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In stimulation treatments to increase the production of hydrocarbons from subterranean formations, especially in treatments including hydraulic fracturing followed by gravel packing, desirable short wide fractures are created and filled with proppant by deliberately including in the first fluid/prop ...

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The invention relates to an expandable liner for completing a hole in an underground formation, the liner being constituted by a spiral-wound strip with the longitudinal edges of the strip having complementary touching profiles so that after it has been expanded, the liner is circular in section. Th ...

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The effect of various chemical or biological agents in well treatment fluids can be delayed by sequestering the agents in the discontinuous phase of an emulsion for a period of time, before the emulsion is destabilized by exposure to at least one of: (1) a change in temperature, (2) a change in pH, ...

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A well completion has an expanded tubing portion and an unexpanded tubing portion. A seal is provided on the unexpanded portion. In another embodiment, an expandable tubing is provided and a gravel pack operation is performed.

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