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A releasable hold-open device for a spring-impelled, regulated door closer has a door motion follower adapted to be releasably held in a door-open position. An actuator is arranged to retain or release the follower under control of a permanent magnet that can be overcome by an electromagnet.

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A keyless locking mechanism for use in a door or the like. An operator activates the system by means of a portable remote handheld controller or a remote keypad unit, which transmit coded signals to an electronically controlled, electromechanical door lock device. The electronic and electromechanica ...

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A door lock for use on a door panel has bores containing a lock mechanism including a chassis on which spindles are mounted for rotation about two parallel axes. Door handles or other lock operators are disposed on opposite ends of both spindles and are interconnected variously to operate a lock bol ...

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An augmented key and cylinder lock has a housing with a bore therein concentric about an axis. A plug in the bore is rotatable about the axis and has a flange on one end. There is a radial pin tumbler mechanism in the plug and housing access to which is afforded by a keyway in the plug which extends ...

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An optical key reader for door locks is disclosed including optical scanning means for detecting a code pattern on a key unit when the unit is randomly oriented in an area near a given surface; the detected code being then compared by comparator means with a predetermined code which is stored in the ...

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An electromagnetic lock has a frame on one of two relatively movable door members and a strike on the other of the door members. A bolt horizontally pivoted on the frame is withdrawn by gravity and impelled under manual control into projected, strike-engaging position by a first electromagnet effect ...

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The present invention relates to electronic locks and electronic locking systems, to electronic locking systems which use remotely encoded keycards and, in particular, to an electronic locking system which utilizes public key cryptography.

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A method of remotely operating a door lock. The method includes transmitting a first signal from a remote device to a router via a network; transmitting the signal from the router to a mesh network gateway; translating the signal from a network protocol to a mesh network protocol to produce a second ...

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A locking device is disclosed, comprising a locking mechanism having a locked position and an unlocked position, a hollow plunger member having a central axis, the hollow plunger member being engaged with the locking mechanism to move the locking mechanism alternatively into the locked and unlocked ...

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A mortise lock having reversible features to permit accommodating both left and right hand door applications. The lock includes the novel features of a resilient fire stop, simultaneous retraction of both the dead bolt and latch bolt mechanism by operation of the interior handle, and a three-positio ...