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Improved method and apparatus for the treatment of respiratory, skin, eye and related ailments and conditions wherein steam or a related vapor at a reduced temperature is admixed with particulate medicament and exposed to an afflicted area within a confined space.

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An applicator package for storing and dispensing a fluid product comprises a housing defining an open-ended chamber. A compressible sponge-like dauber, saturated with the product to be dispensed, is mounted within the chamber and held in compression by a cover foil which overlies and hermetically se ...

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A hair curling appliance includes two hair curling wands and a base assembly for heating the wands to a desired temperature. The base assembly includes two overlapping plate-like retention members having trough-like end portions which coact to form sockets for receiving the wands, and center portion ...

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A control switch for conditioning an appliance having multiple operating modes to operate at a higher than normal line voltage prevents inadvertent operation in modes which would exceed the ratings of the appliance by automatically limiting movement of the appliance mode switch when the higher line ...

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A motor-driven electric shaver operable over a wide range of alternating line voltages includes a capacitor for supplying unidirectional current to the motor. The capacitor is periodically charged through a current switching device serially located between the line and the capacitor. The switching d ...

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A portable appliance for steamheating towels includes a base having side walls, a bottom and a perforated tray extending between the side walls above the bottom. A removable cover having side walls and a top cooperates with the base to form a steam chest. An electrically heated steam generating mean ...

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An appliance for simultaneously applying a spray and hot air stream to hair to aid in styling as it is combed or brushed. The hot air stream is generated by a blower and heater assembly contained within the head of the appliance for maximum efficiency, and the spray is generated by a pump and reserv ...

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A portable hair dryer comprises a flexible bonnet, a combined blower and heater power module for supplying heated air under pressure to the bonnet, and a control module for selecting the operating mode of the dryer. The power module is suspended against the back of the user by means of a pair of sup ...

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A collapsible cordless electric hair curling appliance includes a hollow handle adapted for grasping by a user. A heating wand is extensibly slidably retained in the hollow portion of the handle. An improved positive temperature coefficient heating element assembly is positioned inside the wand. An ...

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A unit for electrically heating and dispensing products from pressurized containers. The unit receives a pressurized container, and, upon actuation of the container valve, directs the product through a series of passages, including one or more heating chambers, steam traps, and the like, to the outl ...